Sunday, May 15, 2011

Living life

My parents' puppy just keeps getting bigger which is a good thing to them because they have acres and need a large dog with a strong bark! Her bark still has some growing to do, but with each visit, it gets stronger and less squeaky! Isn't she a cutie?

She also shares the family's love of flowers!

These were completely candid! I was taking some alone time walking around the yard and she was bouncing around behind me, jumping at at trees (she's a bird chasing dog), and apparently smelling flowers...or should I say eating flowers! :)

My best friend was on her to town from Houston, but her first flight was delayed which led to her missing her connection and resulted in a 10:30pm arrival :( It was a bummer since we only had a few hours to hang out as it was, but we made the most of it because that's what the Sarahs do! I enjoyed some quiet time and snapped a few pictures of the house and gardens before heading to the city and yapping my head off for hours!

The top of my parent's house...

Sarah's visit was short, but sweet! We enjoyed an evening and morning of talking wedding and life! I love seeing her and cannot wait for her to get married this summer! It is going to be perfect! Next time I promise to visit her (she's always flying to me and I really need to step up my game and visit her). Soon darling, I promise!

Oh and I got my hair cut! Two plus inches gone and some flippy layers later and I am unsure girl. I never love my hair when it is first cut... After a few weeks, I get used to it and generally love it. Hopefully that happens this time. Ryan likes it a lot, so that's good! Then again, I don't think he would dislike anything on me. :) Love you babe!

I drove back to VA on Saturday after a sad farewell with Sarah. I didn't cry, but I wanted to. I don't know what it is, but when it comes to goodbyes, I am emotional. Every time I leave my parents, I fight back tears. My strength at holding back tears has improved significantly since being a navy wife, but the emotions still bubbles beneath the surface, so just because I don't show my emotions doesn't mean they aren't there.

This is my first sign of home...

The sight of this bridge and the barren trees lets me know that a long bridge and a few tunnels separate me from my home. The smell of the ocean has never been associated with home for me, but for the next year and half it will be. I'm learning to love it a little more every day. No longer will that salty smell remind me of just vacations and trips to the shore... I'm living life.

Man amazes me.

Much love.


  1. I like your new hair! A little shorter should be good for the summer/hot weather.

  2. I get a huge smile on my face whenever I hit that Bridge. Well first I get mad at forking over $12 but I get over it at the first sight of that water! I am right there with you lovin' VA!

  3. Thanks Marjorie! I am getting used to it...

    Melissa, you commented!!! Yay! Thank you! I am enjoying VA much more these days than I did at first. The $12 is rough, but it's the cost of going home.

  4. I'm the exact same way with my hair. I cut mine 2 weeks ago, I"m getting used to it but I hated it at first. Yours looks good though!

  5. It just feels and looks "cut" or should I say "chopped" to me and I don't like that look. In a few weeks it will blend more and I'll begin loving it. It's nice to know I'm not the only one!


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