Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm the Coolest Aunt!

Ok, so maybe I just think I'm the coolest aunt, but these two cuties sure think I am pretty neat! Tickle fights in the grass, intense games of tag that generally result in face plants and laughter, high pushed swings, and of course spinning round and round and round occupy most of our time when we aren't at gramma's house because there we jump on the trampoline, spray poppop with water guns and dig!

These are the adorable faces that greeted me after a five hour drive with burning abs from the gut bust class I took the day before...and power walk with my mama!

She is such a big girl using a real big kid swing! I find it quite ironic the little one is in the big kid swing and the big kiddo himself is lovin' the PINK baby swing! Under dogs, which Gramma rocks at, and tootsie tickles were the excitements of swinging!

While I may be the coolest aunt, I sure am not the most timely aunt. I don't think I have ever given either of these two birthday presents on time...Oops. But who doesn't love getting a belated birthday present?!? It's such a welcomed surprise! I would like to change my ways, but I really prefer to give presents in person and living 5 hours away and being a military wife sometimes makes that a challenge...better late than never! So...I gave Miss Casey two bows and she modeled them at the same time for me!!

She's a cutie! One look at those eyes and you melt! Oh and she is one determined little girl! She does everything with gusto! Big brother, you better watch out! This one is on your tail! :)

I may be small, but I'm mighty!

We bid farewell and I headed off to meet up with a girlfriend for a little walk and talk at the outlets, but before any walking or talking occurred, I just had to snap this picture! These nuclear cooling towers have been part of my life since I can remember. They may be scary to some, but to me, they are part of life and totally normal. The cooling towers are majestic and billow steam clouds 24/7 and sound a practice alarm the first Wednesday of every month at the same exact time like clockwork.

Walks and talks are always interesting with two PMSing girls...sorry if that's too much detail, but if you are a girl, you know you get a little more moody, drama oriented, and opinionated than usual that time of the month...and I certainly was. It's funny how that happens...I look back at myself and think What were you such in a tizzy over and why in heaven's name did you feel the need to say such ridiculousness?? Eek! It's wonderful to have friends who love you and you love no matter what!

I came home to my family i.e. college graduate brother, hs junior punk of a bro, darling sister, crazy and oh so sweet puppy and my amazing and caring parents! The yard is looking better than ever. Every year springtime hits and the yard comes alive with color, but not without hours of loving labor. Thanks to my parent's, I had a very colorful upbringing and my children will always remember poppop's flower-filled yard! Here is a creative glimpse of my father's perfections...I didn't pick the most colorful ones...more to come in upcoming posts:

And who can forget, the grilling brother! Ryan and him are grilling machines and I love it! Veggies, steak and a fresh salad with a lovely daddy-made drink of tropical rum, OJ and cranberry juice (equal's yummy and super girlie!!)

We all watched American Idol and cried when James got voted off. Really America?!?! Scotty needs to go. I love Haley! Sis and Mom love Lauren! Dad just doesn't like Scotty. Brothers don't care. Pretty typical of the boys...

Today I had a super upbeat visit with my gramma, took my mama on a belated (see any patterns here) mother's day haircut date, took tons of pictures, got a tutoring job (Yay!), cleaned a bit and am now waiting to pick up my bestie!! Her flight is delayed, so I think it is nap time to ensure that I am in full Sarah mode for when she arrives! hehe! Can't wait! Happy Weekend to all!

Oh and Ryan is a pretty fantastic and super cool uncle!

Much love.


  1. I love all the pics!!!! And yes they do think you are a very cool Aunt!!! I can't say the coolest because i think Bons is tied with you in their eyes. :) It was great to see you and thank you for Casey's awesome headbands!!! And all the fun play time, it gave mommy a little break! ;) Love ya Sarah!!

  2. The hairband photos are just too adorable!! And her eyes- oh my goodness!!! just beautiful!!! And no- not TMI with the PMS, I completely understand, I had to leave Zumba early the other night because of it... no fun! :)

  3. Kristina - Thank you so much! I make the headbands as a creative outlet (along with this blog)! Oh Zumba...I hear such great things about it and think I would LOVE it; I just need to find a place with it during an hour that I can make on a consistent basis. Thank you for reading!

  4. I love the headbands! I only have a niece and nephew on Chris' side and we also live very far away.

    I hear great things about Zumba (my mom and sisters do it).

  5. Thanks Marjorie! I will be making more headbands this summer in hopes to attend a craft show/Christmas bazaar this fall. If you have a little girl, you'll be getting a few!
    Zumba is officially on my list of things to try this summer!


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