Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The moving process has officially commenced and I am thrilled! After a year of homelessness since February 2, 2010, we have our very own place as a married couple! The garage is gathering some boxes, the living room has been vacuumed, and the couches are in! Thanks to Turps, Ryan' best man, we have some rockin sofas and recliners! Pictures to come... Before any other furniture is moved in, I must clean clean clean. The place is clean, but there is something about cleaning it yourself to make sure it is your version of clean, so that's what I'll being doing tomorrow and the next day and probably the next day. I'm a clean freak sometimes and this is one of those "sometimes"!

Packing Update: Everything aside from my closet, bed, school books and necessary toiletries are boxed up! Can I say "Go me"?!?! I think so! I know that I will end up realizing that I forgot to pack X, Y and Z, but for now, I am feeling pretty darn productive! The only variable missing (look at me getting all econometricy!) is Ryan. His muscles, sense of humor and kisses would be amazing right about now and always! I must admit, he is definitely concerned because I got at least 10 emails today asking about the move, how everything was going, telling me not to worry about things being perfect. Well Sweetie, the move is going...kinda hard, but I can tell you one thing, EVERYTHING WILL BE PERFECT!! That's how I roll, Yo! (He loves my Yos when I get a little moody/demanding/tipsy...who me? Couldn't be!)

Dentists...ugh...two cavities, one filled today, one being filled tomorrow, wisdom teeth coming out in a few weeks...I am so over dentists and oral surgeons. It's always great sitting in class with a numb lip thinking Oh my, am I drooling? or taking a sip of water and realizing that half of it is down the front of your shirt. Sweet. No worries, I survived. Being the root of laughter for a bit is a humbling experience that's for sure.

And how about these beauties?!

Princess cupcakes for a 26 year old princess! They are funfetti cupcakes in pink and purple princess cupcake holders, homemade buttercream icing spray painted pink with little purple icing dots! The interesting toppers are made from colored white chocolate that can easily be found at any craft store; these are courtesy of Michaels. I melted the chocolate, put it in a squirt bottle and drizzled it on wax paper. Ten minutes in the refrigerator and walla, you have edible and super cute cupcake toppers! I couldn't carry the princess theme to far (I'm just not that talented) so I ran with the pink and purple color theme! Making these cupcakes made me want to have themed birthday parties for my kids one day! Have you ever thrown a themed party and been really proud of a specific creation? If so, I'd love to hear about it!!

I promise house pictures in my next post!!!

Much love.


  1. fun-fetti cupcakes are the best!

  2. Me too! Kids love them, adults love them, everyone loves them!


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