Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Medal of Love

In the year 1985, a wonderful woman, my mama to be exact, was pregnant with a special child. This child, sex unknown at the time, was her baby girl, Sarah Catherine (that's me)! And this mama, worried about some news she received from the doctors was given a very special medal; it had Our Lady of Perpetual Help on one side and St. Gerard on the other. She wore this medal day in and day out. All my childhood memories my mom have a simple circular medal hanging from her neck.
It was this medal that she removed from her neck and gave to me the last time she saw Ryan before he deployed in 2010. It was this symbol of her love that burst tears from my eyes in my kitchen that May day. It was the simple circle in her hand that let me know with all my heart that I have the most amazing mother in the entire world. It was this medal that broke on Friday from being worn with love for 26 years.
It was this simple, but ever so powerful medal...
that now sits by my bedside.

There is a much longer and much more sentimental story that belongs to this medal, but that is for my mama and I to hold dear to our hearts. It is a powerful medal; miracles happen, trust me. And this very medal will be fixed very soon. I hope to one day pass it on to my daughter in her time of need when she feels weak and helpless to let her know that her mama is here always and forever. Thank you Mom! I love you!

Much love.


  1. So emotional! I know that metal and know why she wore it. It works miracles!!! And if she were going to give it to anyone it would def be you! Love you Sarah and us kids are very lucky to have such an AMAZING mom!!!!

  2. oh wow! my mom has a special devotion to saint gerard too. he's the patron of motherhood/pregnancy.

  3. Jill - Yes we do!

    Marjorie - I know he's the patron saint of motherhood/pregnancy! That's the reason she wore it when she was pregnant with me then while she was raising me! I think it is a great gift for any expecting mom. Also, completely random, but our moms have similar looks in my opinion!


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