Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

This is my Monday Christmas Memory No. 2!

You know how when you are a little kid, you love, absolutely love, to sing Happy Birthday!! And do you remember waking up on Christmas morning, running to your parents' room to wake them up and never understanding why they aren't as excited as you are to be awake, when they tell you 10 more minutes??

Ok, now imagine you live in a rancher and are waking up in the same room as your 5 siblings (because that's how mom & dad kept the little ones from going to the bathroom or sneaking into bed with them on Christmas Eve), looking out the bedroom door to see the sheet hanging in the hallway (because if the sheet wasn't there, we would be able to see all our presents and that simply wasn't allowed) and envisioning what was beyond that glorious mismatched floral veil! Maybe it was more along the lines of "I hope I got a sled and the new Ken doll!" So, you see the sheet, you run to mommy and daddy's room and you are told 10 more minutes, you run in when 10 minutes have passed and you are told ok, ok, we are coming... Then, you here the infamous words...Let me get the coffee started. (Right now, being a coffee drinker myself, I feel for my parents, then, I didn't.)

Fast forward, coffee is brewing, mommy and daddy are both in the hallway with all the kids and it's time! It's time to...SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESUS!!! Yes, every Christmas morning before we open presents, before we go to Church, we sing to baby Jesus!

This is a memory that I have been ridiculed for in the most loving fashion of course, but it is also a tradition that I cannot wait to carry on with my children! It is unique, exciting and starts Christmas morning off in the true spirit of celebrating the birth of Jesus!

P.S. I plan on singing Happy Birthday to Jesus this year, just Ryan and I!

Much love.


  1. This is definitely the cutest thing I've heard all week and I'm having a great time envisioning the two of you singing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas morning. You need to set up a hidden camera so I can see proof that you got Ryan to do this.

  2. that is so sweet! i heard of families doing that. i didn't know you had 5 siblings. will your hubby be home for christmas this year?

  3. Thanks ladies!! Proof...I have a camera and it has a video option on it!! Yay! I'll put that amazing birthday present to use!! hehe!

  4. So sweet! I too look forward to carrying on traditions once we have a family. It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling and makes you feel like a kid again!
    I love the image of the sheet hiding your gifts, it just heightens the anticipation!

  5. Sarah, This is awesome. Reminds me of my childhood, and is an absolutely precious one that I'm going to add this year to the glut of traditions we already have. Thanks!

  6. Aww Thank you so much!!! I'm honored to have my family traditions added to your list!! Have fun!!


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