Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside...Come Keep Me Warm!

The day has come, my husband is coming home! 12:02 AM on December 20th, 2010, I could officially say phrases like I'll see you in a few hours, Can't wait to jump into your arms TODAY, What do you want for dinner?, Kiss me, I love you (to his face), and the list goes on and on! After 7 months of being alone and surviving quite well, it was surreal to think my husband was coming home and things would change, laundry would double, the closet wouldn't be all mine, dinners had to be thought out and a bowl of cereal was no longer acceptable...and then thoughts of how much have I changed? how much has he changed? are we going to be ok? will be we awkward (you know what I'm talking about)? Are my lips soft enough? And then the pleading with God starts...please Lord, let everything fall into place, grant me the patience to handle anything that may come my way... and then the sleepless night...If I got 2 hours that night or should I say early morning I'd be slightly shocked.
6am rolled around much to slowly, I showered, weighed myself and jumped for joy!!! I weighed 115 lbs! Ahhh! I guess finals and cleaning like a crazed woman helps to drop the last few pounds! Needless to say, I was feeling sexy when I slipped into my tight, and I mean tight, leaving little to the imagination homecoming jeans, my new perfect boots, my blue silky shirt, red pilot-style jacket and my white scarf (red, white and blue!!!) Eating was not an option... The drive to the base was easy as I jammed out to Apple Bottom Jeans and some Pink! (It was on the radio and I was happy!)
Sooo....at 9:30am-ish the pier looked like this....Empty
And I looked like this...Excited!
(Like my sign? It says, "Ryan, I love you!" and then in the heart it says "I can't wait to get you home!" and then there are some little inside jokes on it!) I wanted to stand out a bit!
Oh and Turps came too! It was so nice to have someone who knows Ryan and I there to welcome him home! Turps is Ryan's best friend and was his best man in our wedding! For the day, he was my personal punching bag! If you know me, you know that when I get really excited, with a bit of nerves, I punch people with excitement! Not hard, mean punching, rather, loving, endearing, totally she's crazy punching! And for the record, I was the loudest person on the pier! Go Northern lungs and being on of 6 siblings!!!!
Here it comes!!! That's my baby on that beast!!!
USA & USNavy!!!

The tug is pushing the ship into the pier! This just screams Merry Christmas, he's home!!!

Uncontrollable!!!! Ahhh!! I was beyond giddy! No words can explain the feeling of knowing the love of your life is home sweet home after 7 months of emails, letters and a few phone calls. Relief!

Between these two photos I lost feeling in my toes, ran to the ship, across a bridge and into by baby's arms!
First Kiss & First Hug in 7 months!

The Mr. & Mrs. are back together again!

I love this man so much! Having him home is like a mini honeymoon and a new relationship combined; it's hard to explain, but it's perfect! Sharing life with someone you love is so much better than a life alone.

My Christmas wishes came true a few days early!! Lucky me!

Much love.


  1. I was wondering how long you'd hold onto this highly anticipated post! Love it. I'm guessing Turps took the pictures of you? At first, I was wondering if one of the other spouses was actually taking the time away from greeting their loved ones to snap pictures for you, but then I remembered Turps was there.

  2. I'm sorry. I have been enjoying my time with Ryan and I wasn't able to upload photos to blogger for a few days... He is working today and blogger is not giving my problems, so the post was done! I will post about Christmas and the new family puppy too!
    And yes, Turps took the photos of us!

  3. Lovely! Hugs to Turps next time you see him. Happy, oh so happy you two are together again!

  4. I (the other kara) also wondered what crazy girlfriend/wife would take time away to snap your photos :) Glad everything is back as it should be!!

  5. Oddly enough, the (the girls) had no idea how or when we were going to see our husbands, so we had planned that if they came off one at a time, we would snap photos for others! It turned out that after the first kiss, fist hug and new daddies saw their families, the other families waiting were allowed to go on the ship!

  6. wow, so emotional. that's wonderful you are reunited. reading your post makes me realize how much i take for granted.


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