Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oregon Trip to Our Little Sweetie Pie! (Day Four)

On Saturday, our only full day together, we woke up, went to the continental breakfast again and then headed to OMSI – Oregon Museum of Science and Industry! On our way we stopped by walmart and purchased a $3 pack of the little green army men for Jared to play with! They were a huge hit! Boys will always be boys and love playing “war”.
Happy camper with his Army Men!

When we got to the OMSI, the first thing we saw was the “Life” exhibit. It followed the baby fetus from day one up until birth. The exhibits were real embryos with plaques explaining what is present at each stage i.e. heartbeat, fingers, toes, lungs, etc. It was a really well done presentation. After the Life exhibit we saw the dinosaur exhibit which Jared LOVED! We had seen a dino exhibit in San Diego and he went gaga there, so we didn’t expect anything less. It was cute! He kept asking who we thought would win in a fight!

Family Photo

The environmental exhibit focused on earthquakes and streams. We learned that earthquakes are measured in multiples of 10. Jared played in the sand and water exhibit making his own stream, pond, island and cliff with a squirrel.

Lunch followed and with lunch comes APPLES!

Jared's favorite food which his new big boy teeth help him eat!

After lunch we went to the IMAX Hubble movie and it was awesome! I would strongly recommend it to anyone if the exhibit comes to your area. It was 45 minutes of space, astronauts, spaceships, solar systems, etc. Ryan, Jared and I all enjoyed it! After the movie we went to the space exhibit and became astronauts!

Jared in a space shuttle!

Sarah in the space shuttle - getting out was a lot harder than getting in...

Ryan!  He sure has a head fit for an astronaut!

Jared has some room to grow yet!

I'm all neck...

After a wonderful day, we went to a Mongolian restaurant for dinner! It was my first time, so Jared showed me how to do it! He ate like a champ! I need some professional help before I start mixing oils and sauces without knowing what they will do to one another. My first plate was ok and my second one was nasty. Thankfully we were charged by the head and not the plate. Dinner was over and the hotel was welcomed with opened arms…or should I say the box was…

Jared relaxing in the box!

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