Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our First Married Holiday! Happy Easter!

Easter 2010 was our first married holiday and it was glorious! The only way it could have been better is if our little Jared could have been with us  He was missed dearly, but the Easter Bunny was good to him!

My weekend started Thursday when I drove up to meet Dizzle for lunch! We went to an old fashioned tea house and had a traditional tea lunch. I had a Pear & Berry Tea and Diz had a White Chocolate Mouse Tea – we each drank our whole pot! It was a little pricey for us, but the tea and food was amazing! We were served miniature everything while porcelain dolls, tea pots and Pepto-Bismol walls surrounded us! After an amazing lunch (of me talking too loud), we went and played wiffleball in Manayunk! With only 6 people, we played 3 on 3 and no running. My team won!! WoooHooo! Rita’s followed and the realization that it is 100% sugar and borderline disgusting overcame me. It was a sad, sad moment. I am no longer 12 and able to consume sugar like it is water. That night we went to a wonderful Italian dinner with Dizzle’s Dad and then to a fire pit with some friends!

On Friday, I woke up to my siblings, Tom, Mike and Bonnie, filling a fish tank outside. Little did I know that my brother brought newts home for the holiday; they are adorable! We now have a natural fish tank on our porch with creek rocks, minnows, newts, bugs, etc.; it is pretty awesome! After the tank was set up and I was muddy from carrying rocks from the creek, I showered and met up with Mo for our lunch date! We went to a country store that had handcrafted furniture, great stationary, awesome country decorations, etc! It was a great place and one day when I have money, I will buy something from there for more than $3! After that, we got a basil, tomato and mozzarella sandwich, an apple crisp breakfast pastry and some drinks to consume at Peace Valley Park! We sat out in the beautiful sun, split the sandwich, picked at the apple crisp and talked like old times! It was another great day! Early that evening my baby came home!!! My heart leaps every time I see him! That evening, we had a camp fire with my family and friends! Mo, Diz and Bud came over, roasted marshmallows and had a few drinks! It was a fun night at the Malecki Plantation!

Easter Saturday was a nice day of creek hiking (it was FREEZING), making Easter candy and going to Easter Vigil Mass. We forgot just how long Easter Vigil Mass was… It was a really nice service and we were happy to be there as a family! That evening we the eggs were decorated and Jamie, Ralph, my cousin Anna and some of her friends came over for another camp fire some egg stuffing for the huge Easter Egg hunt the next day! It was a glorious Easter Saturday!

Happy Easter! We were woken up at 8am to start cooking and making coffee!! Easter is always a fun, casual holiday for us! We had a brunch for Jill, Jared, Kira, Aaron, Casey and the rest of my family! The menu consisted of eggs, homemade French toast casserole, homefries, bacon, pork roll, scrapple, bagels, oranges, pineapples, apple juice and coffee!!! After brunch we put on our muddy shoes/boots and went for our Easter Egg Hunt through the woods!!!

The Girls ready for the Egg Hunt!
(My sister Jill holding her daughter Casey, my niece Kira & my sister Bonnie)

Ryan & I on our first married Easter!!

And the Hunt has begun!
(My Adorable nephew Aaron with Bonnie and Kira following close behind!)

The Kiddos!
(Aaron, Kira & Bonnie)

Tom and Gramma helping Aaron get an egg in the tree!
That Easter Bunny must be a high jumper!

The whole gang!

Aaron trying to be like Uncle Mike and knock trees over!

Ryan, Mike and Tom trying to knock a huge tree over!
The mission was a Failure!  lol

Aaron's face was priceless while he was watching the "strong" boys push the HUGE tree!

Uncle Ryan helping Aaron push the tree over!

The family making their way back home!

The Sims Family!
(Aaron wouldn't look)

After the hike, we took a 3 hour nap! It was glorious! We fell asleep in our hiking clothing and woke up to leaves and sticks in the bed. Note to self, if you don’t want to have to wash your sheets before they need to be, before you jump into bed, change your clothing. Either way, it was totally worth it!

Around 3pm we woke up and started making dinner! Ryan and Tom manned the grill - shrimp, & asparagus while I heated the rolls and held baby Casey! I got off easy this year! We had ham, corn, potato salad, asparagus, shrimp, devilled eggs, fruit…and for dessert we had strawberry short cake! MmmMmm Good!

My Baby working the grill!
(Shrimp on top, asparagus on bottom)

Casey being the little joy that she is!

She is feeding herself now so we were trying out all the foods with her and she loved it all!  My favorite to watch was when she ate the strawberries and pineapples; the juice went everywhere!  :)
After an amazing Easter, Ryan and I drove 4+ hours back to VA… We got in at midnight and slept like babies!

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  1. It was my favorite Easter yet!!!Thank for posting this wonderful blog about it! Love you guys!


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