Monday, April 12, 2010

House Update: Our "Future" Home Went Up In Flames On April 8th...

So, on Friday, Ryan and I were driving back to PA when our realtor called. He asked if we had watched the news and we said “Yes.” Then he asked if we saw our house and we said, “No.” Then he said, well apparently it burnt down last night and I think we should rescind your offer. With that I told him to repeat what he just told me so that Ryan could hear it. And what do you think Ryan’s reaction was? LAUGHTER! He didn't know what to do besides laugh... I was all concerned; is everyone ok, were other homes burnt as well, etc.? In the end, we believe it was a sign from God telling us that we should be buying a house in Virginia right now, at least not that house. 

As it turns out, no other houses were significantly damanged and everyone escaped, including the dog, safely.

Here is what we found on the internet:

Initial Article that we read:




The cause of the fire was "improperly discarded smoking materials," but it was later declared as arson. Desperate times lead people to do desperate things; it’s sad.

Future home…rest in peace.

I'll be living with my parents for the summer while Ryan is deployed.  Saving money!


  1. I just heard about this last night! That really bites, but I'm glad to hear no one got hurt. I have to be honest, though: I think my reaction might've been similar to Ryan's. Assuming everyone's okay, what else can you do with news like that? I do wish you luck in your continued/postponed search!

  2. Thanks! We have given up for the time being. I am moving home for the summer i.e. saving money and then will start grad school in the fall and I will rent a place then. It's up to me to find a place without Ryan... Not the best situation, but I think I can handle it.

    As for the reaction...I laughed moments later once I knew all was well. We still randomly laugh about it and say, "God, we got the idea; it's not house buying time for us!" lol.


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