Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adventures of Our First Year of Marriage: Emergency Room Experience

On Saturday, Ryan woke up really sick. He slept all day, couldn’t keep anything down and eventually became dehydrated. His wedding ring was extremely loose; it almost fell off which is crazy because it’s normally tight.

We decided that he needed to see a doctor, but being that it was a Saturday evening (8pm) and we were in Dahlgren, VA i.e. middle of nowhere, we had to go to the emergency room. Ahhh! I drove for 45 minutes down narrow, wooded, curvy back roads to Mercy Hospital in Fredericksburg. Looking back, I was super calm which is a good thing, but shocking to me because I tend to worry/panic about everything.

We got to the hospital in one piece, waited 15 minutes and saw a doctor. Ryan had to put a robe on!! Muhaha!!

For being in the emergency room, he was a goofy, happy guy! 
(He knew he would be getting fluid and finally feeling better)

He received a bag plus of fluid and some anti-nausea medicine which made his stomach feel better, made him freezing cold and didn't do much for his headache. He was still weak, but his thirst and appetite came back! All he wanted was a McDonald’s burger. The doctor told him he had to keep his diet very bland – crackers, apple sauce, Gatorade, etc. After he got some food in his body, his head began to feel better and he slept like a baby that night!

(He is so cute when he is sick)

While our experience was pretty amusing, I don't want to visit the ER anytime soon - wedding stories, how we met, starving together (when one of us isn't eating, the other tends to forget about food), being freezing cold, watching HGTV and just being goofy in the ER.  The nurses and doctors were extremely nice!

I told him that the next time we have to experience an admittance to the hospital, I sure hope it is when I am in labor!

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