Sunday, April 17, 2016

Easy Like Sunday Morning

This morning I was supposed to be up by 7am, have Maxwell fed, and be out the door by 8am for a newborn session while the boys all stayed home and had a relaxing Sunday morning.  To say that I was a little jealous is an understatement.  At 4am, while nursing Maxwell for the second time, I received an email asking to reschedule due to illness.  It was a blessing in disguise because while I was excited about my newborn and had everything prepped and planned, my heart needed a lazy morning with my boys!  I put Maxwell back to bed and snuggled up myself knowing a lazy Sunday morning was in my future and it it was sweeter than I even imagined!  I woke up to cooing and happy giggles coming through the monitor, puppy snuggles, the smell of coffee, and fried eggs!  This face is the best!!  He brings us so much joy!  

I never get to document our morning snuggles and kisses, so I gave Ryan the camera and told him to start clicking!  30 seconds later and we had these beauties!  Thanks babe!  I love them and definitely plan to take more day to day pictures of all of us in the future because I am in love with our family and these pictures!!  

After breakfast we were all hanging out in our bedroom while daddy was playing with his new clubs, so I had to take a few more pictures! I think this morning was needed by all, even Lira!

Jared is so amazing with Maxwell!  It seriously makes my heart burst when I see them together!  Every time we leave Jared carries Max to the car with the diaper backpack on and he sits in the backseat and keeps Max company.  We are very lucky to have such sweet boys and Maxwell is definitely going to look up to Jared!! Yes, I have tears in my eyes. 

And now he sees his daddy!

Happy Sunday Ya'll!

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  1. I have tears too...tears of complete joy! What a wonderful day and beautiful pictures that show all of the love between all of you. You are blessed! I love you all so much!!!! XXXOOO Mom


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