Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hospital Bag List

Yesterday was 29 weeks and I started to think about the very real possibility of our baby boy arriving soon and how I have absolutely nothing packed for the hospital and nothing properly washed in baby detergent, so I promptly went to Target to get Dreft so that I can wash all his clothing this week (just in case) and I started our Hospital Bag List.  Since this is my first baby, I am going off of what family, friends, and the good ol' internet are telling me I need.  I've read several lists and think I am slowly getting to a place I need to be at.  I definitely still have too much (I think), but it's easier for me to cut things from my list or have an "extras" bag in the car than it is for me to handle forgetting something. Here goes nothing...

Hospital Bag List...updated

Baby Boy's Bag
 Carseat & Cover
Baby blankets (2) - Swaddle & Warm
Boppy & cover
Outfits (3) - Gowns (1), Sleepers (2), Going Home Outfit (1)
Onesies (3)
 Hat, Mittens, Socks (3)
Paci (?)
Burp Cloths

Mom's Bag
Underwear (4)
Nursing Bra OR Nursing Cami (target)
PJs or Sweatpants (2)
        Going Home Clothing (loose pants, boots, sweater)
Slippers & Socks
Flipflops (to trash)
Belly Band (?)
Robe (cute one & warm one)
Nursing Cover (just in case)
Brush, Hair tie & bobby pins
 Toiletries: Flat Iron, Make up, Shampoo & Conditioner, 
Body wash, toothbrush, Brush, Hair tie & bobby pins
Prenatal Vitamins
Nursing Pads
Boobie Cream
 Stool Softerner (100mg) - Does the hospital provide this?
Music Playlist - in the works, but suggestions are welcome!
Extra Bag for all the hospital goodies
(Mesh undies, Dermaplast, Witch Hazel Pads, Tucks, Pads)
Sitz Bath

Dad's Bag
Blanket & Pillow
Change of Clothing
Pjs/comfy clothing
List of people to call/text
 Snacks - Fruity Lifesavers
Camera & lenses
Gift for Big Brother from Little Brother
Copy of Birth Plan

Am I missing anything vital?  Is anything absolutely ridiculous? Let me know!! I'm a first timer here.


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