Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve is our big holiday!  Christmas Day we are lucky to get out of our pajamas and the main reason to get out of them is to try on Christmas presents!  Ryan and I were ready before my parents as always, so I took advantage of the time and snapped a few pictures.  Since the word for 2013 is "selfie" I took a "selfie" of my sitting on the couch.
My hair looks blonde, but it's just the lighting. I have never dyed my hair and I don't plan on doing it until I turn grey.  At that point, I will dye the crap out of it because I will be in denial. At least that is how I imagine it to be.  Here's my handsome husband!  He loves that hat and so do I.  He is a hat guy for sure!  When I think of him, he has a hat on.  It's just his style. 
This year we celebrated Christmas Eve at my Gramma's nursing home since she was too weak to leave.  It was different and wasn't as comfy and cozy as normal, but a Christmas without Gramma would simply be horrible, so we made the most of it!  I'm warning you now, there are lots of pictures in this post and these are just a sneak peek into our evening. 
Here's my younger brother humoring me and smirking for the camera!  Thanks bro!  He's a handsome one!
Great Grandchild and my nephew.  He's a cutie and completely LOVES sharks right now!  He actually knows a lot about them and can hold a quite adult conversation regarding them.  Part of his Christmas present was a glow in the dark shark puzzle!  Puzzles are awesome.  Sharks are awesome.  Glow in the Dark is awesome.  I was proud of that find!
Great Grandchild and my niece.  She's just cute and sweet.  She walked around all night on the heels of her boots because...well because she could.  She thought it was the coolest thing that she could walk on her heels and I couldn't walk on mine because I was wearing stilettos.  I am not one to let a kid one-up me and I think they secretly love that about me.  She handed candy canes out to everyone and held her present from me until she was allowed to open it! 
Great Gramma (my gramma) and Gramma (my mom) giving little Aaron his Christmas present! 
These two are up to no good...actually they are quizzing each other on the ingredients in the oatmeal box.  Santa gave Mike oatmeal and Bonnie tea.  The littles got hot chocolate mugs!  It was a food themed Christmas this year!
My mom (gramma) gave her granddaughter a kindle and she was freaking out!!  Best present ever for an avid reader!  Coolest Gramma award goes to my mom!  We all knew about it, so we gave her amazon gift cards.  She's hooked up for quite some time!
These are two of my favorite pictures!  I have very few pictures of myself and even fewer pictures of me and my dad whom I love and adore! Thank you Ryan for taking these!  I love them!

And last but certainly not husband being an annoying older brother in-law to my little sister!  She is obviously not phased which I absolutely love.  We have sufficiently annoyed her enough that she can pretty much ignore everything we throw at her!  That's what happens when you are the baby of 6.  Love you Bonzers! 
Much love.

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