Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Letters

Every year my wonderful husband writes our family Christmas Letter and I absolutely LOVE to read it!!  For me it’s an experience of seeing our year, me, J-man, his life, our puppy, our weaknesses, and our accomplishments through his eyes.  It’s awesome!  I love that he enjoys writing it and is really thorough about it. As I read it, I find myself reliving moments, realizing that I forgot about such and such, thinking Wow that’s how he sees that accomplishment, laughing, tearing up, and then I always end thinking, WOW, I married an awesome man!  Sometimes I forget how sweet and loving he is under his shell and today when I read our Christmas Letter that he wrote, I fell in love all over again!    

Writing a Christmas Letter is a tradition from his side of the family that I am happy we are carrying on.  I grew up close to my cousins and most of our family friends were nearby, so a Christmas letter wasn’t necessary, but I do always remember reading other’s Christmas letters and thinking it was so cool to put your families’ year on paper for your loved ones to read about.  I am definitely happy that we are carrying this tradition on and that my husband is the designated letter writer.  He’s so much better at it than I am. 

Also, the letter adds a personal touch.  I always design a picture card and hand sign the back with a little note, but the letter really brings the picture full circle.  I love our teamwork for our Christmas cards!  Thanks Babe!  You’re the best!  Love you!

Do you write a Christmas letter? Do you like receiving them?
Much love.


  1. I've never done it. But my cousin used to send a yearly Christmas letter, and my friend too :) I LOVED reading their updates. Maybe I should think of doing that too. I'm still working on sending actual cards... some years I do, some years I don't. I find it hard to commit! lol

    That's so wonderful that you have sweet man :) Very happy for you.

  2. We love to read Ryan's letter, too, even though we know the events of the past year...it is wonderful to read his beautiful perspective! I also love revisiting memories he brings back to life! Love, Mom

  3. I got your card, but I didn't get the letter :( I was so disappointed because I look for it every year. Maybe you could email it?


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