Thursday, September 5, 2013

Weak Knees

No, I'm not weak in the knees for a guy, although I'm always weak kneed for my hubby.  I literally have weak knees.  When I was 17 years old and a junior in high school, I tore my ACL in my left knee. On Sunday, at the age of 27, while running my first half marathon, a shooting pain started in my right good knee up until then.  Now lefty is known as my other bad knee. It only took ten years to ruin my knees.  Ok, maybe I am completely overreacting.  My left knee is doing just fine.  My muscles were still strong when I had ACL reconstruction.  My Other Bad Knee is recovering because I am babying it.  I ice it, use a foam roller on it, and have been hobbling around on crutches. 
Sad Face.
From my research (no I have not gone to a doctor because I'm stubborn and it's not that bad) I have a strained Ililotibial Band (ITB).  All the causes and the pain description line up pretty perfectly with ITB issues.  I was feeling hip pain around mile 10 prior to the knee pain and the ITB starts in the hip and runs down to the knee.  My muscles were tight.  I was running on pavement and the road was slanted. 
For the medical ones out there **cough cough Dad** I have full mobility of my knee, there is no swelling and there is no bruising.  I have been icing it, staying off of it for the most part, rolling it with a foam roller, and taking anti-inflammatory medication.  If anyone has any recommendations to sooth ITB issues, please let me know.
Thing is, I have a dance competition in less than three weeks and I really want to compete although I am fairly certain that I won't be able to.  I can walk on my knee, but any twisting is out of the question.  It's definitely a mental challenge to stay positive.  I am not perfect and I have been a little quieter...I've read three books in three days...but I am working on being mentally strong and recovering as quickly and as completely as possible.  I definitely don't want any permanent damage done to my knee, so I am being careful. 
+Book Trilogies
+Making Christmas presents in September
+Children waiting at bus stops
Much love.

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  1. ): Hang tough, Sarah! Love you! Mom


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