Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Visit Home

Home.  Ahh!  I absolutely love going home to parents’ house, seeing family, enjoying nature, catching up with best friends.  It’s a version of my heaven.  This past weekend was no exception.  Lir Lir puppy and I had an easy drive north, enjoyed an extremely colorful and sometimes blinding sunset on the Easter Shore, were greeted by a very excited and much larger pup the second we drove into the now PAVED driveway, and then we were embraced by my parents and younger sister as we walked in the door.  It’s so nice to come home!  The paved driveway was neighborhood news when it happened.  No one ever thought my parents would pave the driveway.  It’s never been paved and they have lived there 28 years.  Never say never.

Saturday morning Jamie came over with her dog and we have a puppy play date.  A huge yard that isn’t perfectly manicured is perfect for puppies to play in.  These dogs are puppies in age and dogs in size, so they can do some damage.  We had a few quarrels, but other than that there were just lots of running.  The weather was perfect so we just hung out at the picnic table and talked about life, love, vacations, work, you know the norm.  Sometimes perfect weather and good company is all the heart, mind and body need to thrive.  This weekend I enjoyed just those things with a huge dose of love. 
After some awesome friend time, I enjoyed some wonderful family time.  Bonnie had Soccer Day...yes, that's a day filled with soccer games and it is an extremely exciting time as a community soccer play because it is the one tournament of the season.  I used to love soccer day!  Bonnie's team came in second place.  They were so close to winning, but sluggish muscles won over and they failed to hold off the gold team.  

My sister is so pretty :)
In between soccer games we visited with my Gramma because her nursing home is literally next to the soccer fields!  It was perfect!  She definitely loved the company.  We took a nice walk outside and enjoyed the weather.  Fall is definitely coming because while it was sunny, Gramma was quite content in her sweater. 
She's such a strong woman, whom like many people her age, has suffered great loss and experienced monumental joys.  She is an inspiration to me because while she has very little feeling of her lower body, hallucinates at times, and is bed/wheelchair bound, she loves deeply, always has room for sweets and  speaks her mind!  She loves visitors and tells you straight up that she wants you to come back.  So, Saturday evening after seeing her twice that day, my little sister and I brought little lir lir puppy in for a surprise visit!  Gramma was sleeping, but in her words...I sleep a lot, just wake me up!! Time passes quickly when she has visitors and when she sleeps. Lira loved the visit just as much as Gramma did!  Gramma loves animals, especially cuddly ones and Lira loves to cuddle and be pet, so they make a perfect pair!  It was one of the sweetest visits I've shared with my Gramma and I wouldn't change that spur of the moment visit for anything.  She was happy.  I loved it.
Fall is coming!
+Grammas who speak their mind
+Small hometowns
+Flowers grown with love
+Huge puppy licks across your face
Much love.

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