Monday, April 15, 2013

Baptism & First Holy Communion

At the Easter Vigil Mass, J-man was Baptized and received his First Holy Communion.  
It was a very long, but extremely beautiful Mass.  
The church was completely dark and began to be lit only by candle light from the outside to the center and at the center were the baptismal candidates and their Godparents. 
It was beautiful!

J-man has been in CCD since September and asked me to be his Godmother.  He has put a lot of time and effort into receiving his Baptism, learning the faith and gaining vital morals and values.  
I am very proud of the questions he's asked and the knowledge he has gained.  He is a very sweet boy who is quite happy be baptized and able to receive communion.  It's a huge deal for him!  He always asks me "Did I do ok?" 

Little Facts: 
He has hiccups the first hour of the Mass.  It was hilarious!  
After he was baptized with water, he was so excited to get his candle and stole that he walked away from Fr. Mario before being blessed with chrism.  Silly boy.
My parents, sister and brother were there for the Mass (8-10:45pm) and then drove 5 hours home afterwards.  They are the best!  I am very lucky to have such a wonderful family!
We cut a mans tie so that he could wear a real tie! 
I will forever feel guilty for not thinking to get a suit for him.
He picked out a cross as his baptismal gift from me.

Much love. 


  1. So cute that he was so excited he walked away with out his blessing! And no worries about the suit thing, he looks very handsome already!



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