Monday, March 11, 2013

Basketball 1, J-man 0

**Sorry for the iPhone pictures. I received all these via texts from my awesome husband who loves taking pictures of injuries just as much as his mom does.  I swear every childhood injury of my husband's was documented by his mama.  

So, Friday afternoon we got a call from the school nurse telling us that little man jammed his finger.  Ryan called me and told me.  My response was something along the lines of everyone jams their finger at some point as a kid.  Why does he have to come home from school?  Well, when I saw this picture, I immediately knew it wasn't a jam. 

Then I got this picture.  Yea, definitely out of joint. 

If only it was that easy.  The doctor sent him to the ER to see an orthopedic surgeon because he thought the little bone was supposed to be attached to the other bone.  Well, four hours later, it was popped back in the socket and boom he felt amazing!  

He has to wear a splint because it was out of the socket for 5+ hours and the ligaments are a little stretched and his finger is swollen.  Luckily, a little splint doesn't hold a wild and crazy 10 year old back because he had BASEBALL TRYOUTS on Sunday and did PHENOMENAL!! 

I couldn't get a good picture, because once again I forgot my good camera. 

Oh and by the way, my smooth ballroom dress came!!  I love it!!

And I am totally diggin my new haircut and my mustard jeans!  

Happy Week People!  Happy Week!

Are you a Spring Forward or Spring Ahead person?
I'm Spring Forward all the way!

Much love. 

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