Monday, February 4, 2013

Friends, Runs, Food

Sometimes you just need to dance in oversize jerseys, run a 5k like it’s a roller coaster ride, splurge on sushi, have a girl’s night of cider and  P.S. I Love You while puppies lick your face and insist on sitting on you, clean your entire house, do far too much laundry, go on lots of short walks for fresh air, take short couch naps, cook for friends, and watch football all in one weekend.  And that’s what I did in a nutshell.  It was fun.   I totally, completely, unconditionally love my friends.  As one of my friends said this weekend, I think my quota of cool friends just ran out because I tried hanging out with other friends and…they didn’t like me like you girls do!   Bahahaha!  I LOVE my friends!  Obviously those other girls just weren’t cool enough to hang with the likes of us. (If you know us, you know you have to be fairly special to enjoy our company!)

Roller Coaster Runs...that’s what happens when you run a 5k with a 10 year old little boy who has zero concept of pacing himself.  He sprints off the starting line with a handful of other crazies and gets about 100 feet before he starts a run and then about a half mile in he has a side stitch at which point I remind him to breath.  Oh yes, I followed him.  I didn’t sprint at the beginning though…I just ran and by the time he was holding his side, I was right next to him.  It’s a miracle to him that I caught him especially because as he was sprinting he kept turning around and waving to me.  The first mile and half was brutal…speed up, slow down, speed up, slow down.  Finally I took control of him and made him count his steps to help pace himself.  It worked, but that first mile and half had already taken a toll on his energy, so I got right next to him and made him stay with me, not ahead of me, not behind me, with me.  He did and I could tell it was much better for him.  You always sprint at the end, so I prepped him for it and when it came time, I started sprinting and I hear I can’t feel my legs from little man.  I won. I know, I am soo mean for not letting him win.  What can I say?  I am one of six kids and I am competitive by nature.  Plus he doesn’t have siblings to beat him, so I’ve taken it upon myself to enjoy winning, while I can. Before long he will be crushing me in races. 

He finished in 28:40 which was awesome!  His last 5k was a 32/33min time, so he shaved a full 3 minutes off!  The last time he ran, stopped, ran, stopped, so I think I proved my point that pacing is key because stopping during a race is never a good thing.  Always keep moving, even if you have to walk, keep covering ground.

After the race, I took a nap.  It was glorious!  The puppy enjoyed a little snuggle time with her mama too!  Quick naps are one of my favorite lazy girl things to do.  I used to take afternoon naps in college and oh my heavens, they were life savers.  I revived my love for them and man, they are still life savers.  When life is insane, a 20 minute power nap is just what this lady needs. 

The evening ensued with Mass, overly priced sushi that was good, not great this time, but good.  They gave us octopus as part of our sampler.  Yea, can’t do the texture.  Eeek!  Hubby had a migraine, so off to bed he went and a spur of the moment girl’s night happened!  Hannah and her pups came over, P.S. I Love You was on TV and ciders were chillin.  It was exactly what we both needed.  A little Irish cuteness, puppy snuggles, and girl talk make for special moments! 

Sunday Funday…I cleaned. A. LOT. Then I cooked.  Little man and I made rice crispy treats for the first time ever!! It was fun and successful!! On a side note, I hate peeling eggs.  Deviled eggs are supposed to be simple, right?  I am challenged when it comes to making hard boiled eggs.  Some peel perfectly and others…the majority…give me major issues.  After the eggs were peeled, people started pouring in for a Super Bowl Party!  How ‘bout that half time show!  Beyonce is one sexy lady! I was really hoping for a little Who runs the world? GIRLS!! as a closing, but beggars can’t be choosers.  For the record, if I was in that stadium when the power went out, I would have freaked out. Even watching it, I was ready for it to explode.  Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s were being said in my head.  Thank God it wasn’t an attack.  I hate that my first thought is that something terrible is about to happen, but it was.

He is a good little baker.  He seriously helps me in the kitchen!

Working the mallows :)

Hey Brother!  Don't forget about me! Drop something Paw-lease!
The 49ers lost.  Hubby is sad. I reminded him that the Giant’s won the World Series and he shouldn’t be selfish because my teams were horrible this year.

Happy Monday! 4 days until Friday!

Much love. 

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