Monday, January 14, 2013

Book Review #1

The Digital Photography Book: Volume 1
by: Scott Kelby
The Digital Photography Book: The Step-by-step Secrets for How to Make Your Photos Look Like the Pros'!
The first book that I read this year was a photography book, so it will only be of interest to those who enjoy the technicalities of photography.  It was volume 1 and you get bet your booty that I will be reading volume 2-8 as well.  They will not all count towards my goal of 24 books in a year because they aren’t long and they are more of a “workbook” i.e. read and play with your camera to make sure you understand what Kelby is taking about.

His writing style is quite humorous in the beginning of each chapter which helps to keep the reader captivated.  He is also very clear and concise in his instructions.  In the first chapter he tells you that the book is written as if the reader were out shooting photographs with him and I think that is the best explanation.  His writing is as if he is talking you through the process.  I think it is a wonderful book for beginner photographers like myself.  I am a far cry from talented, especially when it comes to indoor photography.  I lot of my photography is “luck.”  I know the theory behind my camera, but achieving the shots I am hoping for rarely happens.  Until I know how to get capture the shot I want without a million tries, I will not consider myself anything more than a girl that thoroughly enjoys taking pictures.

I also learned that editing is a huge part of photography.  I always knew that, but I tended to classify those that had to edit every picture as a weak photographer.  I was WRONG.  Being a strong photographer and taking a sharp photo is vital, but editing is an important step in the process.  There is an art to editing.  It takes a certain eye, attention to detail and a great deal of patience to master an editing program and adjust every picture to its maximum potential. 

I absolutely adore learning and since I am not in school at the moment, this is perfect for me! My husband thinks I am insane, but if my brain isn't being challenged, I am one fidgety lady and that can be really annoying.  Luckily with 7 more books and lots of practicing, my brain will be quite occupied.  

I'd like to thank Marjorie over at The Blog of M.J. for recommending the book!

Much love.


  1. I love that book!

    Be careful of over-editing. I see a lot that as someone discovers Photoshop, their photos are WAY overdone as they decide they want to use every editing tool available. It happens to ALL of us, haha.
    Too much editing, and it's SO yellow looking to me. I hate that.
    Too much skin editing. It's the scary kind of smooth. I like the colors, but the skin sucks.
    Just right, for right now. I like things much more natural and brighter these days.

    Sometimes it's really hard to step away from Photoshop, haha.

  2. I agree with all your comments about each photo. I definitely have issues with yellow tints to my pictures when I am taking indoor photos. I need to full understand my white balance to adjust properly. I definitely try to edit the yellow away because I don't like it in the least, but some people like that artsy/fake aspect.


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