Friday, December 14, 2012

LOVE LETTERS {Day 12...last day}

It's the last day of love letter writing!! Can you believe it? For the final day of our Love Letter Writing extravaganza, we will be sending some love overseas to Germany. While More Love Letters doesn't usually send overseas, we couldn't resist wrapping it up with Justin's story. The family requested encouragement, words of affirmation, and just good ol' oozing love be sent to Justin at his military base.
"Justin is in the Army and was recently sent back to Germany, away from all of his friends and family. He is currently working through a divorce and is struggling with a few health issues. His family wrote, "He continues to serve our country on a daily basis and has to put his own needs and concerns aside. Justin could use someone to just come alongside him and say that it'll all be okay, that he'll make it."
Justin's Bundle
PO Box 2061
North Haven CT 06473
Much love. 

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