Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas {Photo} Challenge: Day IV

{Day 4: Tradition}
Bubble Lights!
They may seem tacky, but these little gems are family tradition!
My mom's dad used to put them on their tree growing up and one year, I think it may have been the first Christmas that my grandfather had passed away, my dad surprised my mom with these lovely little bubble lights all over the tree!  From then on, they had shown brightly every year!  As each child moves away, they without a doubt get bubble lights for their very own Christmas tree! 
I LOVE these lights with all their tackiness!
Much love.


  1. They are not tcky at all! They are adorable! Oh and I tagged you in my Christmas link up! I would love it if you participate. Here is the link in case you do <3



    1. Hey Thanks! I will try to do your link up today! Thanks for the tag. if I don't get to it today, I will tomorrow. Tuesday are kind of crazy for me.


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