Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Run Like A Girl 8k

More Ugly Running Pictures!
Although, I do have to admit that I think I look better in these photos then in the Mud Run photos.
Run Like A Girl 8k
was an all female run for Ovarian Cancer.
We decided to wear purple so threw a ribbon in my hair as well.
B43 - That's me!
Oh me and my facial expressions.  I am probably Woo'ing here because we were The Woo Girls!
As you can see, it was a trail run.
There were lots of roots, hills, fallen trees, and narrow paths to navigate.
It was fun!!  I'm even smiling!
Getting into stride was really challenging. 
It didn't happen until the open stretch after mile marker 4 for me. 
I think my time would have been much better if it weren't for that,
but I did really enjoy running in the woods.
Having my focus be on foot placement and not falling helped me forget
about any pain, fatigue, etc.
Love having a good running partner! 
It was a fun race! 
I'm stoked to run a few more...maybe one in a Santa hat!
Much love. 


  1. Jealous of all your running opportunities! It's too freaking cold up here; you won't catch me signing up for any "fun runs" in the snow....

    1. Yea, I wouldn't sign up for a fun run up there either.

    2. Went running this morning and was seriously concerned that if I made any sudden facial movements, the entire bottom half of my face would crack and crumble away...

    3. You need some serious facial protection. I sure hope you moisturized really well when you got inside.

  2. i'm doing my first trail run in january, i can't wait! i love the good ol' outdoors, but i am also super clumsy so almost guaranteed i'll fall :)

    1. Oh I'm clumsy and I had a few stumbles, but I never fell because I focused on where I was stepping. I saw some people break ankles. It was ugly.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks!! It's fun! There were tons of ladies there with strollers and/or pregnant that walked!


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