Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lavender Calms Me

Life has been hectic.
My house has been tense.
I've been traveling more than usual.
Friends are hurting and in need.
And on top of it all...
I've been extremely emotional.

I apologize to all who have been subject to burst of tears, minor tears, intense emotions, and any lack of control of my emotions that I have shown.  I truly apologize and I am blessed to have such caring and understanding people in my life.  If I wasn't comfortable around you, I wouldn't let the tears escape. 

In an effort to calm myself and my household, I have put lavender everywhere!  Lavender has calmed me through exams, interviews, emotional times, deployments, a feeling of no control, and so on.  It's doing it's job at the moment now too.  The lavender oil scent is invading my living room and kitchen through little decorative jars with oil and sticks.  Lavender oil is on my hands and neck as well.  I can feel my muscles relaxing as I type.  Maybe it's a placebo effect, maybe not.  Either way, I don't care because it's working for me.  I even put a droplet of lavender oil on my pillow in the hopes of inhaling the scent while I sleep and waking up peacefully. 
Natural remedies are my favorite.  When you are sick, I always say drink a lot of water, have a hot cup of tea, and sleep a lot.  The root of the majority of my colds is a lack of care for my body...running myself thin.  A cold is my body's way  of telling me to slooooow down and relax.  When I'm stressed...I kick myself outside for some much needed and much loved fresh air.  I workout.  I dance.  I read.  I write.  I pray.  I sleep. 
What helps you stay calm and feel balanced?
Much love.

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