Wednesday, October 24, 2012

For My Mental Sanity.

I havent done a bucket list in quite some time and I think I should hop back on the bandwagon because I love to cross things off a list and I truly think Im more productive when I have a list.  Half the week is over, but I still have lots to do, so here I go

Edit pin up pictures I took for a few girlfriends. I literally took 1200 pictures because it was foreign territory for all involved and we just wanted to get them done.  I have edited a bunch of them, I, just not quite done yet and I need to finish.

Clean. My bedroom is a disaster.  I have clean laundry, dirty laundry, shoes, pillows, books, everything just piled on the floor.  It needs a cleaning.  Vacuumthere are leaves everywhere.  I love fall, but I swear I can have the floor spotless and within seconds of a miniature human or a dog coming through the door, there are leaves everywhereThe rest of the cleaning needs to get done as well, but the bedroom and the floors are of prime importance.

Christmas Shop/Craft.  I REALLY need to start getting some presents purchased and made.  I have a list of everything that I need to buy by person, but I also have a list of everything I need to make by person.  I have lots of sewing, photographing, developing and framing in my future.  I have some great ideas, but they happen to take this little thing called TIME.  And TIME has decided to vanish from my life. 

Mail BELATED Birthday cards.  When I say belated I mean like a month old.  I pretty much am the worst daughter in law and sister SorryL  I used to be soo good at getting cards to people on time, but that just isnt the case anymore.  I really need to work on it.

Pay Bills & Sort Mail. Totally not fun, but completely necessary.

Dance. This one is for ME!!  I am dancing tonight and tomorrow and Friday, oh and Saturday morning!!!  Tonight and tomorrow are by myself.  Friday is with my hubby for a Halloween party and Saturday is for the Wicked 10k!  Speaking of HalloweenI need to make a costume as well! 

Make Costume. I am going to be Black Swan for Halloween and I have the material to make the costume, I just havent even started making itOops.  I better get a move on it because I need to wear this outfit on Friday.  That doesnt give me much time

Much love.

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