Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dance Pictures of me!

Thanks to my wonderful brother for taking and sending me these pictures! 
You're the best!
Love you dearly!
Rhythm dress = FRINGE!
Oops.  This was entitled "complication" by my brother.  Taras and I went on the floor for the Merengue thinking it was West Coast Swing.

Probably a hustle...

A little arm needs work.

Getting back in hold while the fringe is on the move!

Umm..My fringe is attached to Eric's button...just smile and keep dancing!

Look at those loops...they are trouble makers :)

Smooth dress time!!

Waltz with Taras

Being judged.

I actually look tall from this angle!

My scores:  (Bronze, Silver, Gold, High Honors)
Bronze - Associate Bronze West Coast Swing
Bronze - Newcomer Closed Foxtrot
Gold - Newcomer Closed Waltz
High Honors - Newcomer Closed Tango
High Honors - Associate Bronze Waltz
Gold - Associate Bronze Closed Swing
Silver - Associate Bronze Closed Hustle
Bronze - Associate Bronze Closed Rumba
Silver - Associate Bronze Salsa
Silver - Newcomer Closed Salsa
Bronze - Newcomer Closed Triple Swing
Silver - Newcomer Closed Merengue
Gold - Newcomer Closed Single Swing
Gold - Newcomer Closed Rumba
Gold - Newcomer Closed Club Swing
Silver - Newcomer Closed Cha Cha

Next time I will do better.  My focus at the moment is on perfecting my technique and accenting my legs and movements....I think.  I'm just going to work hard and do my best!

Much love.


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