Friday, September 7, 2012

"The Golden Hat"

My posts keep getting deleted or error in the upload process.  Lesson learned: Keep a copy of each post in MSblogger.  How to do that is the big question? I know there is a way. 
Ok, back to my post.
Sometimes you need to forget about all life's duties and just read a book.  That is exactly what I did last night after a fun night of trivia.  I climbed into PJ pants that are a few sizes to big, zipped up a hoodie, but let my teal bra show just to add a bit of spice and sexiness to my reading experience and sprawled out on my living room floor to read The Golden Hat. 
I had a few extra minutes to kill while I was at the library on Wednesday evening and this book was calling my name.  It's full of pictures, poems, email correspondence and an interesting story of learning...about yourself, those with nonverbal autism and people in general.  I love books with a powerful message.  I love people with an extra something...autism, down syndrome, a lazy eye, an insane spirit for life, an overly active imagination (if there is such a thing)...I just love people who are different and kind.  This book embodies those types of individuals as well as those who appreciate good people and being good and different themselves.
There are pictures of and quotes from individuals with nonverbal autism in the beginning of the book.

And there are quotes and self portraits of famous people in the golden hat. Some quotes are inspirational, some are funny, some are ordinary, all are from the heart and meaningful to the individual.
My favorite part of the book are the poems written by Keli, the boy who wrote The Golden Hat and who inspired Kate Winslet, yes the famous Kate Winslet, to create this book and the foundation to raise awareness for nonverbal autism.
It's not a book that is a challenging read, but it is a book that most will enjoy, especially if you appreciate self portraits, good quotes and learning the human side to disabilities.  I know I sure do.
Much love.

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