Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dance Spotlights

Next weekend I will be competing in the Arthur Murray DC Freestyles and in preparation for that, I performed two spotlight dances this Friday.  There is no choreography with these dances.  It is simply lead and follow. 
Triple Swing with instructor Eric.
*It ends abruptly because there as a slight malfunction and I don't want it broadcast over the internet. 
Salsa with Rico, another student of Arthur Murray Virginia Beach.  He is an amazing dancer with a cool personality!  If there is ever an amateur competition, he's my guy! We randomly picked the song seconds before running on the floor and did not practice any of these moves in advance. 
As always, it was an absolute blast!  I am more excited than ever for DC Freestyles now!  Thank you to all my Arthur Murray friends for being such great teachers and supporters!  I love you all dearly! You rock!
Thoughts on my dancing, my dress, anything and everything are appreciated!  Also, I've been told that getting spray tanned is the popular thing to do.  I think I am going to embrace my whiteness and rock with it.  Let me know what you would do. This is actually a big debate in my head...  I am getting fake lashes, wearing a lot of makeup, and smiling big...I just really don't know about the spray tan.  I've never gone tanning and being orange is soooo not attractive.
Much love.

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  1. Your dancing was awesome as always! Your dress was adorable and you looked fantastic in it!!! As for the spray tan I am not a fan. They make you look orange more than tan. That of course, is my own opinion. Have fun!!!!


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