Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter Adventures

Easter at my parent's house is always an adventure!  This year we killed a rooster...that was a first, but it was also an adventure!  We had 25 people over and went on a looong Easter Egg Hunt in the woods!  The bunny was a little adventurous this year with his hiding. 

Let the hunt begin...

Some littles walked...
Others rode on shoulders...

Game faces were worn...with pretty dresses...

This is one of my favorite views.  It was a large group of cousins, siblings, parents, nieces, nephews, second cousins, was glorious! 

The bunny sent us down hills, across plains, into creeks and back up hills!

My nephew was an intense little bugger!

Gramma was proud of the gathering!  She had a whole slew of daughters, grand children, great grand kiddos, in laws and loved ones there!  She was in all her glory!  It was precious!

After a long hike and big dinner, what's better than a tire swing?!

And swinging upsidedown!  Cool Aunt Sarah taught him that!  Yea, I'm cool like that!  The responsible part of me told him to keeps his hands on the handles. 

After a fun day, we drove 5 hours home. 

Much love.

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