Friday, March 9, 2012

Fresh Air & Sunshine, Baby!

This week brought Virginia some beautiful weather and it was much appreciated!  I soaked in the sunshine, breathed the fresh air and enjoyed the first signs of many freckles to come!  Coming off of a weekend of rain, Lira and I made the most of the sunshine!
We spent hours in the backyard weeding, turning soil, running in figure-eights, planting bulbs, taking pictures and enjoying each other!  She is such a little cuddle bug! 

She also loves sitting on the edge of the porch just sniffing the air, listening to the neighborhood dogs bark and licking her lips.
Sitting guard.
Licking lips.
The first signs of spring are still popping!  The frost didn't kill off everything Praise the Lord!  This Rose Bud tree is one of my favorites!  This is just the beginning of the beauty!  I will be sure to post updated pictures of this baby in the future!  For now, I am enjoying her little buds!
And this beauty is still blooming!  The frost got to her a bit, but she is on the rebound!  Flowering trees are beautiful! 
Weeds or flowers...I go with the glass half full perspective and say flowers in my yard!  While I spread grass seed weekly and hope to have a beautiful lawn, the reality of it is, the bunnies eat the grass seed and these pretty weeds dominate my yard.  Mine as well enjoy their beauty!  Hey, maybe I'll find a four leaf clover!
 The little blue flowers are super cute too!
Everywhere I look there is a beautiful reminder that with death comes new birth.  The world around me is still grey and brown, but the grass is turning green in places, leaves are sprouting, and flowers are beginning to bloom!  It's a beautiful world!
With nice weather comes active little critters.  With active little critters, comes an interested little hunter puppy! She is a sniffing machine these days!  It's almost like she is a dog!
I'm rarely in pictures these days, so I asked Ryan to take a few photos of Lira and I.  They aren't the best due to the time of day, but they are still cute!  She loves to be held like a baby!
Don't we look alike?!?!  hehe!
And as you probably know, I absolutely love getting mail.  On Thursday, I received a package from My Blue Eyed Beauty (MBYB) and it was Vienna Fingers!!!  We were on the phone a few nights earlier reminiscing about high school and snacks our mama's used to pack us when Vienna Fingers came up!  They were the go to cookie that our mom's packed, but neither one of us had had them in so long...nor could we seem to find them in the stores.  Guess who found them and sent them several states?!?! MBYB did, that's who!!!  I jumped for joy, smiled wide and ate half the bag!!  Who's a fatty?  I'm a fatty!
Love you Chica! 
As for friends...I love them! I'm super lucky to have such wonderful girlfriends all over the country who are faithful, honest, funny, wacky, and super awesome!  We range in height, education level, creativity, athletic ability, style, and the list goes on, but we all have one thing in common, a love for each other!  Thank you girlies! 

Here's my Thursday trivia gang!  Tacos Cali style, fun drinks, a great atmosphere and good conversation makes for a fun night out!
Much love.


  1. Like the pics! You have good skin, in jealous! lol

    1. Haha! Thank you! I don't use anything on my skin. Water and that is it. I wash it in the shower with a washcloth, but only rinse with my hands and water after working out, when I wake up and before bed. I have extremely sensitive skin, so using any cleansers is horrible for me. I also use lotion before bed every other night. Oh and drink lots of water!
      BTW I think your skin is beautiful, so I am not quite sure why you are jealous!

  2. cutest ever. fabulous post, love. I hope you had an amazing weekend. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. xo


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