Thursday, February 2, 2012

Starting Fresh

Hey Blogger Friends!

I've been in major funktown lately and I need to reboot and get on track.  Between adjusting to not being in graduate school (which is wonderful for some, but horrible for this lover of academia), hitting dead end after dead end on the job front, being especially moody and tense, and adjusting to other life changes, I have been quite tense and not so pleasant to be around. 

I have been reading a ton:
     The Art of Racing in the Rain
     The Hunger Games' Series
     The Accidental Bride
     Understanding Exposure
     FREE the Future of a Radical Price (Thanks MJ and Chris!  I am finally reading it and really enjoying it!)

I really want to read Into the Wild and The Outsiders' Series.  If you have any other suggestions please let me know!  I am in "reading" mode right now!  My goal to read more is a blazing success at the moment!  My goal to write more is going pretty well too!  I've been keeping a daily journal and writing at least a letter a week to friends and family. 

Working out in enjoyable ways by myself, with girl friends and with Ryan has been keeping me busy as well!  Walks are a daily occurrence and since it's been 60 degrees and sunny, they have been extra amazing! 


The beach has been visited quite a few times in the past week!  If you live less than 10 minutes from sand and water, you mine as well take full advantage of it...even in the winter months!
Yoga is always a great way to relax on a Saturday morning with the ladies!  And dancing on Wednesdays with my baby is so much fun!  We are really starting to get the hang of the Rumba, Waltz, West Coast Swing, and the Cha Cha the correct way.  My favorite dance is the Rumba, while Ryan really loves the West Coast Swing.  The lead and follow (LF for short) is the most challenging part for us as a couple because when a good song comes on, Ryan gets all into it and dances really well himself, but forgets to lead me, so I look like a lost puppy.  After this last class, leading and posture are our two biggest problem areas that we need to work on.  Looks like the living room will be our studio this weekend! 

Coffee dates are so much fun!  There is nothing like having a good company and stimulating conversation over a cup o' Joe on a random weekday!  They keep me going and make me feel as if I actually have something to do!  I miss a schedule and deadlines.  I know, I am crazy.  It's just how I work.  Give me a deadline and I get *bleep* done!

Tuesday nights are Trivia Nights in my world!  All the girls and sometimes the guys get together at the local Public House and play trivia!  We are pretty darn good and generally place 2nd or 3rd!  As a nice little treat, I always get myself a cider and a glass of water!  While Crispin isn't my favorite, it is quite tasty even when it's warm.  I milk my drink throughout the evening! 

While I am reading, working out and meeting up with friends, I am still longing for a job or more so a purpose to my days.  If anyone knows of any work from home jobs or great volunteering opportunities, please let me know.  I want to be able to get Jared on the bus and off the bus, but I also want to have something to occupy my time during the day and make me feel useful.  I like to be busy and I am sooo NOT busy at the moment.  I mean, I have my days that I pile cleaning, applying to jobs, etc. into, but there is no consistency.  I know I should enjoy this time, but I am not a sit around and watch TV kind of girl.  I am a "tinkerer"!  Oh and for those of you who knew I had an interview...didn't get the job.  Yes, tears flowed. No, I don't want to talk about it.  Moving on. What's in the past is in the past and the future will hopefully be bright.  Heck, I'm going to make it bright.  The future IS bright!  (Just like these pansies!)

Suggestions on how to fill my days without spending money are encouraged!
Much love.


  1. I remember feeling the same way after being done with school. My schedule was so regimented and then I was like, "what do I do now?" I'm happy to say though, I've settled into life after school well. You will too. Take some time to rest, I'm sure the Lord has a purpose for this time. You'll figure it out.

    1. I'm glad you have settled into life without grad school! I wish I could find a job, but instead I keep getting emails politely informing me that they are considering other applicants. I have been trying to stay busy, but doing so without spending money starts to get extremely challenging. I pray that I figure out what the Lord has in store for me constantly!

  2. the accidental bride...sounds like a good one! i'd love to get my masters, but chris is pursuing that dream right now. he hates school and reading, i love it and wish i were in his shoes. keep strong!

    1. I just finished my masters and now I want my PhD! I miss school, but I am staying busy and keeping my brain sharp by reading and studying for my GMATs while applying for jobs and waiting to hear back. I just applied for a few more. It's so hard to tell from the descriptions if I will really enjoy the type of work or not, but if I don't apply, I won't get an interview.

      The Accidental Bride was ok. It wasn't great, but it was decent. Easy read. My friend recommended the Shopaholic books.

      I'm back to being strong! I was weak for a few days...maybe a week.


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