Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lenten Promise

Today is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of the Lenten season.  If you are not familiar with Lent, it lasts 40 days and 40 nights, ending on Easter morning with the resurrection of Jesus. Just as Jesus spent 40 days and nights praying in the dessert, many Christians will be reflecting on their lives and changing something.  Many give something up, while others add to their life.

This Lenten season, I will be doing two things.  First, I will be giving up sweets because a) I love them and they will be challenging to fore go, b) I don't need to indulge in chocolate daily. Second, I will be reading part of the bible and praying at least a decade of the rosary per day for a special intention.  I pray every evening, but I don't always pray with a purpose.  I am hoping that reading the bible will guide me in my actions and help me think and see life through clearer eyes. 

This Lenten season could not have come at a better time for me.  Reflection, clarity and a new outlook on life is something I need desperately. 

What are you doing this Lenten season? 

Much love.


  1. Now I wish I did bible reading! That's been something I've been wanting to do again. I read much of the bible daily and really enjoyed it.

    1. :) I was going to start the "bible in a year" but I forgot to get it from my mom. Hopefully reading different parts of the bible daily will get me started. It is very comforting to read the bible.


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