Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekend Fun

Ryan and I have been doing the 17 Day Diet.  We have heard some great things about it and wanted to jump start our weight loss, so we figured we'd give it a chance.  It works.  I'm back to my normal weight and Ryan has lost 6-ish lbs.  We just wanted to drop a few pounds.  Neither one of us has insane weight loss goals.  It's a great diet if you want to restructure your meals and eat more vegetables, fruit, and lean meat.  It does take some time though and there are sacrifices as most diets require.  

This weekend was filled with lots of action!  On Friday my computer battery went kaboom...a new one is in the mail.  That was sad, but it prevented me from looking at my computer which is a good thing sometimes.  In response to my extra time, I took down all of the Christmas decorations, tree and all, and cleaned the house!  Laundry, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms...that's the entire house!  I LOVE a clean house!  It literally makes me giddy!  Call me crazy!  That night, we watched the new Harry Potter in HD and it was ok... I never read the books, but all the hype had my expectations sky-high and it was a flop in my opinion.  

Saturday was glorious!  I went to yoga with my friend Julia and it was so needed!  Yoga works my body in ways I never work it.  I was feeling the alligator the next morning.  Holy Cow my arms are weak.  Balancing on my right side was a breeze, but I looked like a swaying tree when balancing on my left leg.  I blame my lack of balance on my knee surgery when I was 17. 

That evening, Ryan, J-man, Julia and I all went ice skating!!  I am proud to announce that Julia and I didn't fall!  J-man fell quite a lot which is to be expected because he had no fear and it was his first time ice skating.  Ryan didn't fall until he started to get cocky! Bahahaha!
Julia, Ryan and J-man all ready for some fun!
Ryan and I ready to hit the ice!  I was so excited!  I grew up ice skating, so this was a fun night out for me with little to no stress or anticipation.  Plus, I got to wear my super cool and crazy hat!  Totally stoked!  
**Little fact:  I had double bladed ice skates when I was little...4-6 years old.  My siblings and I used to skate on the creeks and ponds that line our property.  Avoiding the bumps, branches, snow puffs, and holes made us pretty talented skaters!
Bracing himself for the ice and watching the zambonie making the ice extra smooth and slippery.
 Off he goes!

Lira was a lazy puppy and enjoyed the sun streaming through the windows all weekend long!

Sunday Funday
We started the day off right with Mass!  It was an exceptionally long Mass, but it was very nice and my favorite priest!  Since it was the feast of the Three Kings, I received my last and truly appreciated, dose of Christmas songs!  This Christmas season I felt that Christmas songs were not embraced at my new parish as they have always been at my childhood parish.  It was disappointing.  Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed belting We Three Kings this past Sunday!  Ryan felt differently about singing Christmas carols after Christmas, but to each their own. 

After nourishing our spirits in Mass, we ventured over to Costco where Jared sampled absolutely everything and Ryan and I made selections to nourish our bodies.  Costco is an amazing place.  There are some great deals there..and there are some not so hot deals, but in general, Costco is always a successful trip. 

After our morning errands, we headed home for some lunch and prepared to go golfing.  Ryan is a stud; he grew up on the golf course.  Jared is a pretty good, especially when he listens to our guidance!  He figured out we actually knew what we were talking about when he took our advice and hit a really nice drive.  Once that happened, he asked does this look right before every single shot.  He did much better after the first 4 holes.  I did well for not playing in months.  My drives were decent, my  4 wood shots were amazing, my putting was accurate, but my speed was off.  Oh and my chips were way better! With practice, I will get better.  Oh and I fed the pond a few balls...oops.  That's nothing new though.  Overall, it was a successful outing...no tears, still smiling at the end. Oh and I looked cute and used my new LaSalle golf bag! It's awesome!

 Jared showing off his skills!  He received a golf glove in his stocking and loves it!  With a little more practice and attention to his swinging, he will be a little stud.  I just want to get good enough to not embarrass Ryan on the course.  
This week has me in a tizzy.  Yesterday was Ryan's first day at his new job, Jared was at school, the house was clean, it was raining and I was at a loss.  I studied for my GMATs, looked up some jobs, and got myself into a funk.  Not having a job...a purpose as I see it...is killing me.  Please pray that I don't drive Ryan crazy because last night was one of those nights that I just wanted to be alone, cry a bit and try to figure things out.  

Here's to an uphill climb from here on out! 
Much love.


  1. Looks like fun!

    Try not to beat yourself up with the job hunt (I know easier said than done). My sister has been searching for a nursing job since she graduated in May. Chris is job hunting (he has a job, but is looking for something better). I'm job hunting now too. I'm happy with my current job, but the commute with the kids is getting difficult. It's exhausting filling out applications. I feel like companies make them as annoying as possible to weed people out. It gets me down already. It's so competitive out there and jobs are scarce. Anyway, praying you get your dream job soon!

  2. Thank you for you comments! It's comforting to know that other educated people my age understand how I am feeling. It's sad that so many of us are either unemployed or not in a job that we enjoy. I am having a very challenging time dealing with not being employed or in school. I feel like I don't have a purpose (which I know isn't true, but I cannot help feeling that way). It's also taking a toll on my self-esteem and mental state. I'm trying to stay busy studying for my GMATs again (possible PhD in my future) and applying for jobs, but the lack of hearing anything from my job search is a downer.

    Hopefully I find something or at the least get out of this funk sooner than later.

    Good luck to you, Chris and your sister!

    1. Yes, it's hard on self-esteem. The key is too keep as busy as possible: exercise, cooking, even chores. Job searching can be like a full-time job!

    2. I've been staying busy. The worst days are the ones that I am not super busy. I actually just got an email about a phone interview today!! I am sooo excited!


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