Thursday, January 5, 2012

Recent Crafts

Being that I am unemployed at the time being and that the office is organized, kitchen drawers are clean, J-man's room is rearrange, garaged is clean, and the list goes on, I had to get creative.  As much as I love to sit and read, I can't actually sit and read all day long...unless I am sick.

These cute little owls were crafted before Christmas for two of my niece's.  J-man helps sew the nose of the red owl.  We used scrap fabrics and made combinations that we thought looked good together.  It was easy and fun!
We sent the book Good Night Owl along with the stuffed owls.  It's a great book about a father taking his youngest child out into the woods to hear the owls.  I have fond memories of my father reading it to me.  Anyone with kids should look into this my opinion.

Our bed needed a little pizazz, so I covered a pillow I had without sewing!  Its a fabric wrap.  What do you think?
To recreate a pillow cover like above, all you have to do is get a piece of fabric that is 3 times the length and 2 times the height of the pillow.  Place the pillow in the center of the fabric.  Fold the top down and fold the bottom up.  Fold the sides in to make two triangles.  Fold the triangle across the pillow.  Tie the two ends and tuck. 

An earring hanger! 
This is also super easy.  It's an old picture frame with screen stapled to the back of it. I used gold spray paint to soften the screen and paint the frame.  I used wood glue to add decorative stones and made a fabric rose which is also quite simple to make.

This isn't quite a craft, but rather a neat trick I discovered.  I have candle holders that I absolutely adore, but I can never seem to find candles thick enough to fit in them. Well, thanks to a little table salt, problem solved!
Put the thin candle in the wide candle holder. Hold the candle up straight and pour the salt into the holder.  The salt fills in the extra space and holds the candle in place.  An added bonus is that when the candle melts, the wax hits the salt as opposed to getting stuck in the bottom of the holder and makes for super easy and clean removal. 

Much love.

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