Friday, December 2, 2011

'Tis the Season

So, I took a break from studying because I had an insane amount of energy that needed to be released and Jared and I decorated the house for Christmas!!

Here is a tour of our decorated home via iPhone photos:

When you enter our humble abode, you will be greeted by this lovely thrift store branch wreath that I have adorned with holly (the tall shoots that I cut from our bushes...), some fake berries, heron feathers, a flower and candy cane ribbon. and Jared's favorite part...
on the mantle!
We had an absolute blast arranging the figurines, talking about the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, how old Mary was when Jesus was born, the Angel Gabriel coming to Mary.  And then we also discussed the correct placing of the hay and the jugs! :)  Any mama would have been in all her glory, as I was!

What's the holiday's without a little lovin in the kitchen?!?!
Maybe I'll get more help doing the dishes...or just a distraction:)

Our Advent Wreath...
And the new table cloth which happens to be a $5 slab of fabric!
(It needs a little ironing.)
And for our HUGE mirror in our living room that tricks people into thinking there is a second room...
Merry Christmas and presents!

After a long & hard night of decorating, this is what happens!
You fall asleep face first into your beanbag while watching a Christmas movie!
Love him.

Have you decorated for the holidays yet?!  As you can see, we have started, but we are far from done!  Next weekend we will get our Christmas tree and I am sure there will be some crafting of countdowns, holiday pillows and Christmas Card holders!

Much love.


  1. love the decorations! I could really use a study break too right about now!


  2. I'd take the break! I am completely renewed to hit the books hard tomorrow! Sometimes your brain just needs a little break and it can function so much better! Plus, my body needed to move around!

  3. I love your homemade wreath! I can totally hear your conversation with Jared when you were setting up the Nativity scene. Id' be interested to know where you decided to place that hay...

  4. Thanks! The hay is actually in the rafters above Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus (it's the circle looking things). He wanted to keep it in it's baled form. It was Jared in all his J-rad-ism!

  5. <3 the wreath, especially the feathers! Our nativity is my favorite decoration to pull out too. We won't be decorating this year because we'll be packing to move (we close on the 28th). I'm a little bummed about that but am excited to be in our new house!

  6. Thank you, Ania! I had a Christmas that I didnt decorate for. Just put on music, drive around to look at lights and live Nativities...every little thing helps!


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