Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Lovely Saturday

We have a tree, Captain!  As we were walking through the tree farm, gawking at the prices and listening to an excited boy say this one's perfect, wait this one's better, we came across our tree.  It chose us, price and all!  You know those moments when you feel like a gift was handed to you, the most perfect gift?!?  Well, it wasn't quite that perfect, but is was really nice.  Ryan and I were holding hands, Lira was sniffing away and Jared found the tree...right in front of us!  :)

It isn't decorated yet, but it will be tomorrow!  Ryan had to work the afternoon, evening shift and Jared and I didn't want to decorate it without him, so tomorrow, in true holiday fashion, we will blast Christmas music, drink hot tea, munch on homemade cookies and decorate our tree as a family!! I'm stoked!

Sweets pretty much sums up our afternoon!  We made ginger bread houses with some of Jared's friends, but only one is standing (because I reinforced it with icing big time)!
He is focusing very hard! 
Side note:  The shirt J-man is wearing is from his daddy's high school!  It was a gift from his Great Gran last year and he loves it! 

Love the tongue!  Always sticking out when he is thinking hard :)

All done and looking good!  To my complete surprise, he hasn't touched it since he finished making it! 

We made peppermint bark, but my kitchen floor ate it and the dog pounced on the opportunity.  So Sad to see hard work go down the drain...  Accidents happen.

And then we baked...snicker doodles which are still chilling, peanut butter cookies which look delish and brownie-chocolate chip bars!
This boy and his silly faces!
My thesis has been submitted and according to Ryan, I have been walking around with a "Shit eating grin"  on my face!  It feels amazing to not have it hanging over my head.  All that stands in between my and my Masters in Economics is one research project (that's almost done), an Urban Econ Final and an Econometrics III final.  As of this time next week, I will have walked the long awaited walk across the ODU stage!

Next...Phd?!?!  Stay tuned!

Random Thoughts:
This shepherd boy makes me smile.  I love the way he is embracing the little sheep in his arms.  I think he may be my favorite figurine in my nativity set this year.  He just speaks to my heart. 

Thanks to Jared's Great Gran, he has a new stocking!!  This year, a Christmas box was missing...I think.  Moving around and having Christmas stuff in storage for the past year has made my memory fuzzy.  Regardless, it is really nice to see the mantle with all three stockings hand crafted with lots of love!  Thank you, Grandma!  We love you!
What little things are making you smile this holiday season?
Much love.


  1. All good things! Our tree looks similar. It's on the smaller side, but the price was right. Just wish we could re-plant it or something. The stockings are great; love monogramming :)

  2. Happy time :) that ginger bread house is so cute !!


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