Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all my readers!!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with love and laughter!  This was the first Thanksgiving that my husband and I have ever spent together thanks to deployments, underways and duty days that the Navy has so graciously given to him.  Note the sarcasm.

Since my family and I moved to Virginia, I and this year we, have stopped along the Eastern Shore of Virginia to pick up oysters for my dad!  Each year there is a story of a southern character and this year was no exception!  Tim has been in the business for 26 years and he has the best oysters around! Picture a deep Southern accent and a good old country boy.
I love the "S"!
Thank you, Tim, for another entertaining oyster purchasing experience! 

We got home and celebrated my birthday!  Having a birthday so close to Thanksgiving makes the holiday extra special!  In lieu of a cake, I opted for a coconut custard pie!!  Oh my heavens, my mama knows how to make the best pies and coconut custard is hands down my favorite!  On top of the wonderful pie, my parents gave me a Martha Stewart sauce pan with two steamer inserts!  It was on my wish list since...last Christmas!  I was also spoiled my my brother and sister; they gave me earrings and two shirts! 

Since we went home on Tuesday evening, we had all day Wednesday to relax and explore the construction going on down the street...
This bridge has been under construction for a minimum of seven years...  It makes our trip to Church about 3 minutes longer and with our family, those 3 minutes are vital.  We are looking forward to the bridge being open, but we aren't looking forward to the return of traffic to our street. 
Sadly, all the rain that we have been having washed away the work that had begun...

I spent a lot of time taking pictures, reading a Nicholas Sparks book, and not doing research.  It was a much needed break! 

On Thanksgiving day, we got up bright and early, bundled up, crammed into my parent's minivan, and headed to Philadelphia for the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade!

 Heartthrob!  Stefano from American Idol!

Now that's the real Santa!  And Mrs. Claus told us that Santa's favorite cookies are Chocolate Chip Cookies! 
I had a blast taking pictures and experimenting with my camera!  Jared and Bonnie loved the parade and we discovered that Lira is called to be a city dog!  She was in doggie heaven on the streets of Philly! 
Last, but not least, we stop by 17th and Vine for this statue and every year without fail, we imitate it!

On our way home, we were stuck in traffic for an hour and a half because of several accidents.  We stayed true to the holiday and were thankful for our safety.  Don't worry, all accidents were minor. 

As for Thanksgiving dinner...I have one picture...and it's horrible.  We had nineteen people, two turkeys, stuffing, mashed potatoes, real cranberries, green bean casserole, rolls, squash, and PIE!!! 

Much love.


  1. So glad your day was nice and that you got the break you were looking for!

  2. Also, I gave you a Liebster blog award, check mine out for more details!

  3. Thank you! But what exactly is a Liebster blog award?!?! I saw the icon on your blog, but can't click on it...

  4. Sorry I didn't have the post up when I left my comment...my bad. The post is up now, so hopefully it makes more sense :)


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