Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Boo-tastic Halloween!

Halloween was a blast as always!  The kids at the bus stop were in rare form sprinting up and down the sidewalk, climbing trees, playing sword fight with sticks.  I knew I had a long, but very fun day ahead of me...  J-man ran off the bus and wanted to put his costume on...it was 2:40pm... Like a good mother, I made him do his homework and like a typical boy, he said "Ahh, BUT why?  Can I put my costume on first?"  I answered with a "Because I said so and no you cannot wear your costume until dinner is done."   He had dinner at 4:30 and ran around in his costume until 6pm - the time trick-or-treating officially started here. 

Here are the tricksters:

Look at those bright blue eyes! 
Since I don't have a little one to dress up, I put Lira in a pumpkin costume!  It didn't last long, but she was cute while it lasted!

 Yumm!  Thanks for the pumpkin, Mommy!  :)  It was well worth $3 in my opinion!
 And here's one to show how fierce she is!!  Or how tired she is from sleeping all day!
In true Halloween fashion, we ran around the neighborhood, collected lots of candy, proceeded to eat lots of candy and readily went to bed after a long day of extreme excitement!  Happy Halloween to all!!

Dearest November,
I welcome you with open arms for you are the month of being thankful!  Thankful for family and friends, good times and bad, hard work and lazy days, sunshine and rain, smiles and tears, births and living life to the fullest! 
It is officially the holiday season and I am beyond excited to begin the thanking and giving to loved ones for such an amazing year!

much love.


  1. aw how cute is this! I have little brothers and they are the same way!

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  2. his costume came out really great and you got some good pics of him! the boys were moving so much...i don't think i got one pic of them looking.

  3. Marjorie - I only got these photos because they were "pre" trick-or-treating and our neighbor was showing him preofessional sword fighting moves with his collector sword (that wasn't sharp)! Plus he is a little older and we needed pictures for the grandparents and his dad. As you can see, there are no pictures from the actual trick-or-treating because he was on the move!

    Petchie - I did!! Thank you so much for reminding me!


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