Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Friends', real and virtual, posts have inspired this post. 

True girlfriends are treasures held closely and compassionately to my heart.  While my girls, chicas, darlings are scattered beautifully across this country, they all have a special niche in my heart that will forever be theirs.  You all know who you complete me and know me in your own unique way.  Every tradition, every moment, every sweet little nothing, is remembered and appreciated.  I will forever treasure the moments of apple baking, walking and talking, winery dates, venting sessions, wine phone dates, kitchen floor talks,  trail hiking, Ireland adventures, Sarah dates to the emotional days of heartaches, loss, frustration, uncertainty and weakness.  I may not always express my love for my friends and I may live states away from most of you, but you can bet your ass (pardon my French), I love you with every ounce of my being and without you, I'd be a lesser person.  You've challenged me, supported me to take chances and are always there in memories, surprise letters, and sweet visits!  I am blessed to have such amazing girls in my life! 

Boys...they don't seem to need their boy time as much as us girls need out girl time.  Don't get me wrong, they need time for themselves, but it seems as if they are content with a beer and football on a weekend when I thrive for a little dress up and coffee with my ladies!  I love my cuddle couch time as much as the next time (that's a lie...I don't love it as much as most people do... Heck, I don't care, I like being energetic!)

Back to my point, I love and I need my girl time!  This month and the next and forever, I vow to make an effort to show my girlfriends just how much I love them no matter the distance!  Philly ladies, I'm coming home!  Bischy, a flight to Houston is in the works! Mel, coffee dates are a must!  Julia, I'll cheer you on during Thriller

They blow.  I get into one and want nothing more than to get out of it.  The key to getting out them, you ask!  Music, FRESH AIR and lots of tears.  Music gets me going (Thanks Dad!)  Moving my body to some smooth jazz, curling up next to my record player with a little Johnny Cash sends chills down my spine; the sound of a record is indescribably beautiful.  Fresh's tasty!  I lack fresh air between school, coursework, house work, laundry, errands, you get the drift, but you betcha I have my windows down, sunroof open and music blaring when the weathers nice!  Knotty hair...that's what brushes are for!  I'll take knotty hair and smile on my face any day of the week over pretty hair and frown :) As for tears, they just relieve stress like no other.  I firmly believe it is good to be in tune with your emotional side.  No worries.  I'm a pro. They say being emotional makes you know what better too!  hehe!

Prayer is a staple in my life.  If I can't sleep, I pray. Before meals, I pray. Driving in the car and no good tunes on the radio, I pray.  Think the priest's homily is too opinionated, I pray for him.  I have this beautifully dainty decade of the rosary that I grasp at night.  The older I get, the more important constant and daily prayer becomes to me.  I am not extremely religious, but I am strong in my faith and believe that living your faith through your actions in daily life is extremely important.  A simple smile can make a day.  Hold the door for a stranger.  Hold your tongue if you don't have anything nice to say and compliment when you like something (I need to work on this along with everything else).  Life is short. Don't live with regrets.  If you like it, do it. Live your life and don't hold back. 

Much love.


  1. I need more girlfriends in my life. It's been getting me down lately. Many live so far away and I've been trying to connect to the moms in our neighborhood. They are a lot older than me though, so I think they feel awkward and tend to avoid hanging with me? I don't know...

    I need to pray more too. Thanks for the reminder:)

  2. I know the feeling of needing more girlfriends very well. When I lived in California from May 2009-February 2010, I didn't have a single girlfriend in the country and it was horrible. I flew home almost on a monthly basis to get my girl time. Living in VA was rough in the beginning, but it's getting much better now. Girls really need their girlfriends. I hope you are able to reconnect with your girlfriends soon even if it's meetin up for tea or at the park with kiddos.
    As for the moms being older thing, I totally relate. I'm a stepmom to a 9 year old and I'm 25. No other moms of 4th graders are my age. I don't have a single friend that has a kid over the age of 3 and the majority of my friends are single or childless, so it makes it hard.

    I'll pray for your girl time!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am going to have to try that air freshener you suggested. These Renuzits are taking over my apartment. LOL

    Everyone needs more girl time. I feel as if that no matter how much time I spend with my girls, that the boys can wait!! lol Ok, nvm, I take that back...but you know what I mean! I'd much rather have a fun night out with the girls then going out with a boyfriend. They get jealous and they are no fun to party with.

    I'm following :)

  4. I LOVE our coffee dates/ vent sessions. I have never appreciated girl time near as much as I do now that I live so far away from family. We couldn't have been luckier to have been thrown into a car together for 20 hours!

  5. LMF - Thanks for stopping over! Your writing makes me laugh! I love it!

    Mel - coffee vent sessions are a vital part of my weeke! Love 'em! That trip was a blessing!

  6. Inspiring. We should all follow your lead and invest more energy in prayer.

  7. lovely post. i'm not religious, but i also pray. it allows me to focus my thoughts. it's incredibly useful. i have attempted to meditate, but i was raised catholic and tho i don't practice anymore, praying is natural to me in a way meditating isn't, tho they do about the same thing, i suspect.
    you are right about funks, too. women are very bright this way, to see the exit through tears. as a guy, it's a last resort to turn to tears, but sometimes ignoring the crying option is a recipe for staying longer in the funk.
    here from little ms. fun.

  8. Ed - I am Catholic as well. I fell away from practicing and praying during college, but soon realized I am a better person when I pray and take an hour a week out of my life for some reflection and non "go go go" time. Praying works wonders; it's a conversation with God.

    Men do have a hard time crying, but from my experience, those that are more emotional (cry at times) tend to be pretty stable. I was raised with very strong male role models and I've seen every one of the cry at least once (if not more). Tears are not a sign of weakness when they are expressing extreme emotion.
    Thank you for stopping over!

  9. Hi Sarah, I'm Marjorie's sister and am stopping by your blog from your post you left on mine.

    Great post. Especially true about girlfriends. I am a senior in college and one of my best girlfriends is considering moving to another state for work. We were both going to the same company top work after college but now she decided to might want to go to another office that the company has. I am really hoping that even though we are in different states we keep our friendship strong.

    And I do the same thing and turn off the radio and pray if there is nothing on! Beautiful Rosary too!

    I'm a new follower now :)


  10. Hey Petchie!
    All my best friends live out of state and it is hard, but best friends stay friends! If you are both working, you will be able to afford to travel to one another, so that is nice. Skype is the best invention ever! Good luck!

    I love your blog!

  11. Hi Sarah, I would love for you to be a guest on my blog about your wedding. Please email me so that we can talk and arrange it! Thanks!


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