Friday, July 8, 2011

Don't Chya Know?!

In the land of green cornfields, beautiful skies, and an abundance of loving Norwegians, we celebrated a rich and long history of faith, love and family.

Who doesn't love to be welcomed by a hyper and jumping little 9 year old and a darling, sleeping baby girl?!?! We sure love it, don't chya know! Side note: It's a tie between "Don't chya know" and "We are so happy you are here!" as the two most popular phrases of the weekend. Since the trip, "Don't Chya know" in a Norwegian accent has been said hundreds of times and it brings a smile to me face each time.

Babies express themselves with their entire bodies! Little Kylie is a glad baby! She loves her mama, papa, aunties, uncles, cousins, grandmas, grandpas and great grandmas, that's for sure! A weekend full of them makes for one happy baby! I went a little camera happy on her, but hey, wouldn't you?!? :) This is her being entertained by her cousin!

J-rad and his great Grandma were both deep in thought at this moment. Literally, these photos were taken within seconds of each other.

There were many first timers at the reunion, but none quiet as young and cute as this one. Thanks to a little help from her cousin and uncle, she was able to sign her name to the scavenger hunt of Who fits this? for First Time at the Family Reunion.

And if Ryan didn't have baby fever before this trip, her sure does now! I have it a bit too, but for all those wondering when we are going to start having babies, the answer is not now. I am finishing my masters and would love to work a bit.

I have the sweetest husband! Him and Grandma had a wonderful time hanging out!

His mama loved him being there too! I was so excited to snap this picture and was even happier when my hubby smiled when he saw this picture! It was the thanks, that was a wonderful moment and I am thrilled to have it frozen in time kind of look! His mama will be happy when she sees it too! I love how her arms are wrapped all the way around him!

For a smile and possibly a little giggle!

Boys will be boys. They look and were so mischievous exploring the model town that the reunion was held at. It was a little boys paradise completed with old fashioned cars, piles of junk to climb on, stores and museums to explore, an old jail with a fake criminal and rats, lots of grass and much more!

Ryan and I even did a little exploring ourselves. Ryan mainly read and focused on the Norwegian history in the town while I took advantage of a zillion photo opportunities in peace and quiet!

Family photo time minus Kara and Ross *tear* With four military members in the family, it is quite a challenge to get us all in the same place at the same time. Maybe in three years we will all be there. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed! It was an absolute joy to hang out with some of my in laws!

Four generations of amazing people! That is impressive! J-rad is a very lucky little boy to know his great grandma! She is 92, almost 93, and doing quite well! Having all of her kids, most of her grandkids and all of her great grandkids there made her the happiest lady in town!

The proud grandparents to two amazing grandkiddos!!!

Grandma with her grandbabies! The kids did a wonderful job at behaving and smiling!! It's a rare day to get a picture this perfect in my opinion.

Cousins! Jared loves loves loves his little cousin! He thinks she is just the cutest little thing. She has changed his mind about what he wants first, a brother or a sister. It used to be, I want a little brother. Then it evolved to, well I guess I could have a little sister. Now it is, I think I want a little sister; a little sis that is cute like Kylie! Little does he know, he doesn't have a choice and neither do we! We always tell him, we just want a healthy little baby! Either way, he will be a stellar big brother!

And for a little fun! My baby and I had a quick photo shoot of ourselves thanks to J-Rad! He is quite the photographer! Thanks little man!

The weekend was beautiful! Ryan has an amazing family and I am lucky to be a part of it!

Much love.


  1. Looks like such a neat place! I wish our families did reunions. Christopher asks for a little sister too ;)

  2. Maybe he will get one this time!! :)
    Ryan's family does the reunions, mine doesn't, but I sure wish we did. I have thought about starting one, but it's hard when I don't live near anyone. Maybe in a few years when we are much closer to the rest of my family!


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