Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Green, White & Blue!

I didn't have much say in the color of our kitchen because silly me forgot to register dish towels, pot holders, and basically anything that was a color aside from silver, clear, black or brown. Thankfully, my Aunt Johnnie realized that and got me some wonderful blue and white towels, washcloths, and pot holders! White is wonderful because it brightens up a rather dark and dull kitchen! Oh and it is crisp and clean looking, which I adore! Blue is wonderful because it is Ryan's favorite color and because it doesn't scream GIRL! And...to add some spice and my favorite color, I added a splash of green with my stunning and oh so desired teapot!

Isn't she pretty? To be completely honest, I had my eye on a much smaller, not so metallic teapot, but it had a very sad price tag of $30 and I just wasn't having that, so I went with this spunky little thing for a whopping $10!
N.B. I have already gotten my money's worth! There is nothing like a hot cup o' tea to warm me up when my honey isn't around! :)

Here is another taste of my Green, Blue and White! I have green and white polka dot dish towels too! Ryan has yet to see them! hehe!

A BIG, HUGE thanks to my hubby for putting together this unit! I had no idea where to begin with all the metal rods that were lacking instructions, only to find out that it was a mixture of two different shelving units. Thank God because I was feeling a little helpless. I pride myself on being pretty handy for a gal and was feeling like a dud. Since our kitchen is really, and I mean really small, this shelving unit was a God-send! It now holds all of our cherished cookbooks, some extra wine glasses (we have red wine glasses, white wine glasses, stemless glasses, huge wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne glasses and the ever cherished pint glasses), our bread maker, our electric frying pan (Thanks Mom & Dad!), and our brand spankin new microwave! This lovely little place didn't come with a microwave and neither Ryan or I owned one, so we took our Christmas Target giftcard (Thanks Mom & Mike!) and bought ourselves one!

It's still a work in progress, but it sure is feeling much more homey!
Sorry I have been MIA lately. I am currently in the midst of midterms; balancing school and my personal life is not the easiest, but it sure is worth it! I am head over heals in love with my husband and thrilled that he is home. Oh and I am really starting to enjoy Economics! I know, you think I have to be crazy for the latter. So be it! I am one lucky gal!
Much love.


  1. Thanks! I love tea and I really love cool teapots!


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