Monday, July 26, 2010

Decorating Wesbite & Ideas


A coworker recommended the following website to me and I absolutely love it, so I thought I would share! It is called "Apartment"  It has great photos, "green" ideas, affordable ideas and is great for when you need a bit of inspiration!(

I am in the process of making/fixing/altering several items for my future home and plan to post on each item, but I figured I would write about with the hopes that my readers might have some suggestions.

1. I refinished an old ladder.  It is approximately 12 feet in height and 2 feet in width, so I have decided to cut it into two pieces, one approximately 4 feet that will hang over a kitchen island and hold herbs and pots and the other I piece I am still unsure about.  I was thinking about turning it into a quilt rack since my step mother in law has given us some beautiful quilts and I would love to display them and because I think quilts help bring a warm feeling to a home.  My other idea is to somehow attach old photo frames to it and hang the ladder with a collection of photos from both sides of my family.  Any suggestions are much appreciated!

2.  I am making a fabric headboard for our queen bed.  I found a shower curtain that is white and has a big brown oak tree on it that looks awesome!  I am planning on taking plywood, putting foam on top of it and then covering it with the shower curtain (which is fabric, not plastic).  Then I was going to frame the outside of the fabric area and stain the wood a dark brown.  We cannot afford or rather are not willing to spend the money on a bedroom set, so I am trying to be thrifty and creative when decorating our bedroom. 

3.  I am reupholstering my kitchen chairs. I have yet to select a color, but I am thinking about going with a deep brown and some texture because dirt will show up less.  I am open to color options and fabric types!

4. I am in dire need of two night stands with drawers - I am completely willing to sand, paint and do a little cosmetic touch-up if need be.  We are looking for a coffee table (no drawers necessary), an old trunk (leather or wood), dresser drawers for a little boys room and an entertainment center (just the lower drawer portion because our TV hangs on the wall). Once those items are purchased/found, I will work on them and post photos!

I would consider myself a crafty person, but I am new to the projects I am about to take on.  If anyone is experienced or has suggestions, please let me know!!!


  1. Have you ever been to the thrift shop in Souderton (I think it's called Care and Share) across from Wendy's.. you know by where you can get on/off 309? They just expanded the furniture part and they have soo much stuff there. Good luck! I can't wait to see the end results.

  2. i just sold a dresser for a boy's room on craigslist. love the ladder idea. please post pics of everything once they are completed!

  3. Caitlin - Yes, I know that place! I use to go there as a kid, but didn't realize they expanded their furniture section! Thank you so much! I will check it out ASAP! I will make sure to post photos!!

    Marjorie - I have been looking on Craig's list for a little while now, but can't seem to find anything I like in my area. Everything is in the city and it's not worth the time and money for the possibility that it won't be what I am expecting. Sadly that has happened to me before.

  4. Maybe if you run across another old ladder somewhere, you can have a kind of recurring "ladder theme" in your place. I say this, because I dig both your quilt AND photo displaying ideas utilizing a ladder and simply couldn't choose between the two. Finding another ladder was my "solution" to that problem.

    I think by the time you're finished decorating a home it's going to look so cool you could open a bed and breakfast... and serve breakfast burritos!


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