Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Next Month of My Life

As most of you know, I am getting married in less than a month (which is a lot in itself), but I am also leaving my current place of employment and moving to Norfolk, Virginia to start married life! My fiancé and I leave San Diego in less than two weeks to begin our travels across the United States! And I still have all my packing, cleaning, organizing, and purging to do on top of working fulltime up until the day before we leave and finalizing wedding plans. The key to me successfully completing all these tasks is a good attitude and great music!

So far we are planning on hauling my Scion tC behind the awesome and powerful F150 packed with clothing and key items for the wedding, honeymoon and the necessary items to live with for a month or so. (The military is moving all of the large items and we will receive them in mid April) We are driving over Hoover Dam and stopping at the Grand Canyon the first day!! I am so excited!! Other than that, we plan on stopping when we see something out of the ordinary and enjoying the views! We should arrive at my parent's house 4-6 days after we leave depending on traffic, how many stops we make, etc.

Once we get to my parent's house, it will be WEDDING WEDDING WEDDING - dress fittings, hair appointments, nail appointments, finishing touches on favors, printing and compiling programs, meeting with vendors, making centerpieces, seating charts, name cards, etc. etc. I keep telling everyone that I am doing great and don't have much left to do, but in reality I have a ton to do, I just can't accomplish it in San Diego or until the week before our wedding. All in all, I cannot wait to be married to the man of my dreams!

I will make sure I take pictures of the vehicles after they are packed and then each day of travels because I am sure they will get messier and messier as the days go on.  Please pray for our safe travels! 

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